Friday, November 17, 2006

HEEEEYYYYY! Who. Made. this. Big. Mess?!?!?

Every toy pulled off the shelves. Dirty laundry hamper emptied, drawers emptied, bed un-made and blankets EVERYWHERE, etc. etc.

Was it YOU!??!

Some times Cherry won't go to sleep as soon as I put her down for a nap. This is when she decides to destroy her room. Even though it gives me a little more work each day, it's actually a bit of a blessing. Especially yesterday! (when this particular mess was made). I put her down to nap at 11am, at which time I went to bed too. She (somewhat) quietly played with her toys, just muttering and giggling to herself, while I was able to catch a few winks. THEN, after an hour of play she passed out. FOR THREE HOURS. Which means, I pretty much had a four hour nap! How's that for awesome! ( I know, I know, FOUR HOURS?!? What am I? Some sort of lazy sloth!?!? YUP!)


debambam said...

OH yay for you, 4 hours!! Doesn't make you a sloth, makes you lucky :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Nope. No way that sweet girl did all that. I think you set her up LOL

Evan said...

We here in the arse end of the world call this here thingt a ... "Nanny Nap" take it on, embrase it!!!!!

Joyce said...

cc- gee, I haven't been here in a while! and I can see that Cherry has GROWN!
congrats on your nomination as well

maidink said...

A four hour nap is not a lazy sloth make.

Sleep for thirteen hours, wake up to feed yourself, clean one litter pan, bitch about how exhausted you are, nap for another five hours, wake up, hope dinner was made by someone, eat again, clean your own dishes, complain you are too tired to do anymore, go back to sleep.

Repeat cycle next day.

That's my one SIL's life. It's not like she has a disease or anything so you can't give her symapthy.

Now SHE is a lazy sloth.

*looks at photo*

I'm with Fab. That scene reeks of setup.

andrea said...

Four hours is important when you're making a baby. It's a lot of work! As for the mess, that's the world's easiest to clean up, isn't it? All you need is a few toy bins and a laundry hamper. It's the messes made by their *fathers* that are the real challenge.

Anonymous said...

But she's so Cute!!!

Just wait til she is a little bigger and her messes start to involve paint and markers and floors and carpets!

CeCe said...

Debambam~Yup! Lucky! For sure!

Mr.Fab~Set her up? MEEEE? Naw.

Evan~Oh, I've embraced it! And I'm hoping for another today!

Joyce~Good luck to you!

Maidink~Sounds like how I was BEFORE kids!

Andrea~Yeah, it's not a hard mess at all, really. Just lots of bending over!

Melora~I have this clever plan to always keep those supplies out of reach until times when I can closely supervise! Wish me luck!

Belinda said...

Preggos need their naps!!

And about 6 months ago, I think I told you about it, Bella would go so far as overturning any piece of furniture light enough in her attempt at total room-trashing to protest bedtime.

Fortunately, the Bella-cam and the gauzy bed-curtain are still working for a blissful 8:00pm bedtime.

CeCe said...

Belinda~Luckily, she doesn't seem to be doing this in protest, she's just doing it to play, and she doesn't do it at nighttime, just at nap time! Congrats on getting your little one on an early schedule now though!

Kim said...

Way to go Cherry!!! Wait until you have 2 of them ganging up on you, the messes will double:o) Glad you were able to get a good nap in.

Sarah said...

That is SO awesome. I could use a nap right now, that's for sure.