Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cooking With CeCe: Play Dough Edition

Oh my goodness! Look at those eyelashes!

So, I made some Play Dough last night. It turned out pretty well. I used this recipe.

I used the baking soda/baking powder substitute for the expensive cream of tartar, and it worked great! I've never actually played with home-made play dough that felt like the "real thing" but this stuff is as good as it can get! It smells different though. Which is fine, 'cause the real stuff kind of smells funny.

Things I will do different next time:

~Use WHITE flour instead of unbleached. The unbleached sort of made the colours funny, and there's little specks in it.

~Mix the food colouring or kool-aid into the mixture WHILE it's cooking and not afterwards. I knew the batch was going to be large, so I wanted to try different colours instead of just one, so I mixed in the food colouring after it was all cooked. Let's just say that it's a good thing I didn't get my nails done already, 'cause I would have to cry with the damage I've done to my hands!

~Start making the stuff earlier in the night. It actually takes a long time to cook, 'cause you have to cook it on a pretty low heat, 'cause you don't want it to burn, and if you're taking a long time to cook it, and you finish at 11:30pm, there's no way that the dishes are getting done that night!

Cherry hasn't quite grasped the idea of playing with it yet. She was much more interested in playing with the utensils I gave her, and trying to eat the dough. We had about 15 mins. of fun that sounded like this:

"No, don't eat it. It's like a TOY, not food!"
"I said... don't eat it!"
"Pleah! Gross! Yucky! Blah!"
"Spit it out!"
"Annie!!! Don't eat it!"
"Annie! Stop!"
"Stop trying to feed it to the dogs!"

We were giggling and it was a positive experience, and I'm pretty sure she didn't actually ingest any of it, but I think it'll take a while before she truly "gets" the whole play dough thing!

Oh, and I need to get some cookie cutters. 'Cause play dough just isn't as fun if you don't have cookie cutters!


shandelle said...

soudns fun. I need cookie cutters too for holiday seasons for cookies. Like ones for Halloween and Valentines Day. Anyway, I have never made playdoh that you had to cook. I will try it though. Thanks for the tips.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I didn't know it was possible to make your own...

debambam said...

Yep, cookie cutters are a must! I made this a few times aswell. The first time I didn't put salt in cos I didn't have enough, and it worked out ok, but went mouldy after a couple of days..not that it mattered, it acheived the object of the excercise -to amuse kiddies on sleepover!

CeCe said...

Shandelle~I was hesitant to use a recipe where you had to cook it, but from what I've read, (and now experienced) the cooked stuff is better.

Mr.Fab~I guess your little bunnies have no desire to play with the stuff ;)

Debambam~The salt is good for preservation AND so that it's less paletable for the little ones to eat! But, if it worked for your needs, then that's perfect!

Evan said...

I coloured with coffee once, never try this- i cracks all over and stinks out the room sooooo bad.

Chase said...

I didn't know it could be made! See, I'd probably MISS the smell. Interesting and useless fact I read a long time ago : Play-Do is the #1 most recognizable smell. Second is oranges.


ps. That's the first time I've ever heard you use Cherry's real name!

CeCe said...

Evan~Yeah, that could be gross!

Chase~I would have never guessed that Play Doh was THAT recognizable! Oh, and "Annie" is our Labrador Dog, not Cherry's real name ;)

Pink Deysi said...

Creative! I'm impressed!

Chase said...

OH! lol I was wondering. :)