Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Ailments.

Cherry has had a runny nose for over a month straight now. It started to get better for a couple of days, then it came back, but with a nasty sounding croupy cough. She's still as active as ever, but sounds horrible, so we've pretty much stayed at home all week. No fever or anything either, so there doesn't seem a need to go to the doctor's.

She also just got over a bout of nasty poop that lasted a good two weeks. Two days ago, that finally ended and she's back to solid poops, and her diaper rash has started to subside.

Oh, and she's teething too. Two molars are poking through. Besides the cough part (which I believe is some sort of post-nasal-drip sort of thing) I have a feeling that the other ailments are directly connected to the teething.

Then there's me. My hips. Oh, my aching hips! It hurts to walk, stand, sit, lay down, whatever. My hips are bad any time, but this extra weight is just killing them. I can't wait to have this baby! Yesterday wasn't too bad, but today is making up for it!

Sabre got into a fight a week or so ago. She came home with a big gash on her jaw and half her face was all puffy. I was dreading another abscess, as she seems to get those every time she gets into a fight. She seemed to heal up fine, and was ready to pull another all-nighter outside a couple of nights later. That just happened to be a night where the wind and rain was so bad that I was worried sick about her. I called and called her, but I think the weather was just too loud to hear over. She came home in the morning soaked, and now has a sneazy cold. Ever had a cat sneeze on you? How 'bout when your mouth is open as you're laying in bed half asleep? You should try it sometime. It's pretty cool.

And, not an ailment, but something that I've been wanting to mention for a long time now. Not because any of you would particularly care, but because I'd like to be able to look back at this and say "Oh yeah, I remember that!" Anyway. Cherry has a zit on her chin. She has had that same zit for well over 4 months, if not longer. I know she had it on her birthday, and I'm sure it was there longer than that. It just won't go away! I've squeezed it a few times (I usually get to it about once a month, just to see if it'll work) and it hasn't gone away. I'm curious as to why a zit would stay for so long!

Now I'm off to shower, then I may attempt to make some play dough for Cherry (of course Armondo will probably end up playing with it more often though) and if I still have energy after that, I'm going to attempt to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm....chocolate chip cookies!! You could come here and make them!
Sorry to hear Cherry's under the weather. There's some nasty stuff going around right now. Abe's had a cough for a good month and just got over the snotty nose. Everyone in this house has had to poo problem too! (not that you wanted to know that, but I thought it might make you feel better!)
Hope you can find a comfortable position for a little while and enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy. Thanks for the pain reminder....I've been wanting another baby....but you just reminded me that I don't! :)

Erin said...

Aww, you all sound miserable! Hope the chocolate chip cookies perk everyone up.

debambam said...

Hope you are all well before long. We have a few sniffles and some swollen tonsils here. I'm thinking she'll be home tomorrow from school.
Enjoy your cookies!

shandelle said...

It sure sounds like alot of that could be teething. The poop and rash and runny nose. Crappy what teething can do to a baby - and her parents heh! Anyway. Send some cookies to Newfie ville. Hang in there with the pain. That'll end in the next little while, you know, right when the contractions set in!!! heheheh. COmforting aren't I?

CeCe said...

Alisha~You'll have to come over and eat some cookies!

Erin~They perked me up, and then I couldn't sleep so well, 'cause I had a buzz!

Debambam~We don't have school tomorrow in Canada! You should be living here!

Shandelle~Yes, VERY comforting! :P

Pink Deysi said...

Yep...that sucks. Hope ya'll get to feeling better sooner than later!