Sunday, October 29, 2006

Appliance Day! Whoo hoo?

I was scheduled to have a spa day Saturday. A pedicure, a facial, and a set of gel nails were all part of the plan. When I got there, the place was still closed and the spa lady didn't show up until 10 minutes past opening time, when she told me she was sick and couldn't give me my treatments. She knew she was sick last night, but didn't bother to call me this morning. Jerk. Anyway, I drove home, fighting tears, (I was SOOO looking forward to my pampering day!) but thought it was probably for the best, because I could be home for the arrival of all our new appliances and I could help keep Cherry out of the way.

And the appliances arrived, and are in working order, but not without some complications!

First of all, awhile back, I told you about how Armondo dropped some light bulbs behind the fridge. (I'm so not looking for the link.) Anyway, the fridge was in an alcove, and over the many years that it was there, the walls had sort of closed in around it, and the fridge was STUCK, which meant that we bought new light bulbs instead of moving the fridge. Well, in order to prepare for the arrival of the new fridge, Armondo tried to move the old one out, with a little more force this time, but it was much too stuck for him alone to move.

The old fridge, stuck.

But he got it a little ways out. Enough for it to put pressure on the wall and door frame beside it, causing our bathroom door TO NOT CLOSE!

Me: Whoa, that totally sucks!

Armondo: Well, I didn't build this crappy house! *pauses* I just bought it!

So, I had to take a shower with the door ajar. Well, Cherry thought this was wonderful, and spent the time playing peek-a-boo with me with the shower curtain while I washed. I TRIED to get Armondo to keep her company and get her to leave me alone, but I guess he was distracted somehow, and because of that, Cherry had a bit of an accident. She pulled my dirty clothes off of the dresser in there, taking our glass vase with bamboo in it down with them. The glass and rocks shattered all over the place, but luckily Cherry was far enough away to not get hurt. I was actually done my shower by this point, but was still standing in the shower sopping wet when I picked the little one up to console her scared, shaking little body. Armondo came in to pick up the glass while I stood there n@ked and wet holding little Cherry, who all of a sudden became very interested in squishing my br3asts like stress balls. (She's been weaned for a long time, so she doesn't get to see them very often.)

After the glass was cleaned up (but not all the rocks), I was able to finish getting ready for my non-spa date. I had to remind Armondo TWICE that I was running late and needed him to watch Cherry closer so that I could finish getting ready. And for what?!?! Ugh! (I'm so not over it!)

Anyway, in the spirit of before and after, here's an open shot of the old fridge. I didn't post a pic back when Belinda was doing the fridge dare, but I figured now would be a good time!

Yes, it's a freaking mess, but I blame Armondo. I keep a much tidier fridge when I'm the only one around! There's two types of milk in there. 1% for us adults, and homo for Cherry. There are several different flavours of salad dressing that we don't use for salad, but Armondo uses for making sauces for other foods. Anything else interesting? Hmm.. farm fresh eggs. A roasting pan with left over shepherd's pie in it, two containers of ketchup, and two containers of yellow mustard, and um.. that's about it. The freezer was much more interesting! Among other weird things, there was icing in baggies, a baggy with ONE strawberry in it, and various types of weird leftovers and fish.

So, Armondo wasn't able to get the fridge out of the alcove by himself, in fact it took THREE guys to get it out!

Armondo's on the floor, pulling from the bottom. You can see his nose.

Then, once the fridge was out, we got to see all the crap that had collected behind and under the thing! And, we got to survey the damage the fridge did to the wall as it was pulled out! (upper left corner)

Yes, Tricia, you were right, (she said so in the comments a long time ago when Armondo dropped the lights behind there) there was a lot of junk under and behind there. There was the handful that Armondo is carrying, plus all the other junk that you can see there on the floor. And the cobwebs? Disgusting!

The new fridge fit in there nicely, with ample clearance on all sides. It's also on wheels, so we can pull it out to clean behind it more often than every 10 years or so. Also, the new fridge is actually metal, so we can stick magnets on it! (The black fridge was just plastic, which was annoying!) So, now we're going to HAVE to get Cherry magnetic letters, which as every parent knows, all end up under the fridge!

See? Ample clearance. BUT... it's not level yet. We're still working on that.

And of course, since you saw the open version of my old fridge, I know you're dying to see the open version of my new fridge!

I could never figure out what that tiny little shelf on the bottom of the fridge door was, but apparently it's for pop and beer cans! Who knew?!? So, now, Armondo's fake beer lives there. (He doesn't drink alcohol, so he drinks that fake stuff. Which I just can't understand, 'cause if you're not drinking beer to get buzzed, then, what's the point?!?! Beer tastes NASTY!)
The fridge has good points: Wide door shelves that hold 4litre milk jugs, and clear glass shelves and drawers that are easy to see through and clean.
The fridge has bad points: Extremely noisy (apparently due to the high-efficiency something or other) and the meat drawer is much smaller.
Overall though, I love my new fridge!

Ok, and then there's the stove. Here's our old one:
Not really all that bad looking, really, but Armondo wanted to try the ceramic top instead of the coil top.

And, here's the new one:
Pretty? Ya? Ok, this range is awesome! You can boil water in the blink of an eye! The oven? Even neater! It's all digital. It tells you when it's preheating. Beeps when it reaches temperature. KEEPS it's temperature! Easy to set timer, clock etc. as well. Oh, and the top, just wipe clean and go. And, OMG, it has a self cleaning oven! I have NEVER had an oven with that feature! Welcome to the 21st Century, CeCe!

The problem?
That would be shipping damage there folks! NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is ever simple in our lives! We get a new one delivered next week, and for now, we live with this one.

So, remember that room I loathe? Well, now that I've got my new washer and dryer, it's part way to being all fixed up! Armondo removed the tools the other day, and now, this washer and dryer:

Has been replaced with this:

It only took Armondo two hours and several cuss words to get them all fixed up and stacked!
And they are WONDERFUL!

And now, our home and yard is an appliance graveyard! Our broken dishwasher (which we didn't bother replacing) is sitting at the end of our driveway to get picked up by the "large collection" truck that's supposed to come by twice a year. The old washer and dryer are waiting, covered on our front deck for friends to come take them away to their new place they just bought on the island, the fridge is also on our deck, waiting for our local electrical company to take it away and pay us $30 for the parts, and the stove has been pushed aside in our kitchen for someone to HOPEFULLY respond to our ad in the Buy Sell and Trade Classifieds.

And thus ends our adventures in appliances... for now!


Tricia said...

Behind that fridge looks pretty exceptional. Anything antique and interesting back there?

I LOVE the washer/dryer combo, it's very similar to what I want eventually...

When are you rescheduling your pampering day for?

shandelle said...

sucks that your day got messed up. We just bought a new fridge and stove within the last year. We still have the coils.
My fridge looks alot like yours though. I am soooo jealous of the washer and dryer. That is my dream set. Chris would be cursing too. He probably would have given up on the fridge and I would have had to pay someone to come do it. He has no patience. Armondo seems great. Good catch!!!

Pink Deysi said...

All the new stuff looks wonderful!

Alisha Ferguson said...

It's funny how when you have your own house new things like that become really exciting! I'm happy for you! Wish your spa day had worked out though. Where are you going for that? I've been hinting for one...might have to start hinting harder! We need to get together again soon...sorry swimming hasn't been's just gone on this crazy busy thing lately. Hopefully that will end soon. But then again...does it ever once you have kids? :)

CeCe said...

Tricia~Nothing too interesting, really. I was sort of dissapointed! I'm sort of booked up for the next while, so I may not even get my spa day :(

Shandelle~I HIGHLY recommend this washer/dryer! And yes, Armondo IS a great catch.

Pink~Can you really tell? I mean, with your good eye? ;) (just jokin'!)

Alisha~I might try a different one at a local mall, I don't know.. Maybe we could try to book one together!

Evan said...


WTF, how does it do that? I have not cleaned mine in 4 years- hey, it reaches high temps so that should kill the germs hey????

Anonymous said...

great upgrades on those appliances. They actually damaged our fridge slightly when they delived it 2 months ago, but instead of waiting for a new one, they reimbursed us 250 dollars! We kept the damaged one and moved it so that you can't see the problem at all.

BTW----finally some one else who thinks that beer tastes nasty!

Kim said...

Sorry your spa day was ruined and I hope you can make it up soon.

I love your new appliances, great space saver with the washer/dryer combo. Have fun with them.

Alisha Ferguson said...
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Erin said...

We have the same oven, only we got the one with a double oven/warmer on bottom. Aren't they super duper nice? I love ours. Hope your new one arrives quickly! Love the front-loading washer, I want one desperately.

CeCe said...

Evan~It actually goes into a mode that's sooo hot that all the much incinerates and you're left with a dust to wipe out! And, really, you don't need to clean an oven unless smoke starts pouring out of it when you turn it on ;)

Avalon~We COULD Have got a discount, but the metal is actually sort of splintered, so there are dangerous metal slivers :(

Kim~I hope to make it up too, but it might not happen for a month :(

Erin~I say "Splurg on a new washer! It's worth it!"