Friday, November 03, 2006

Aquarium Sneak Peak.

Yesterday, Armondo, Cherry, two of Armondo's sisters and I all went to the Vancouver Aquarium. We had a BLAST. I took 115 pictures, most of which need to be edited (too dark) or scrapped (too blurry). I REALLY want to do a long pictorial post showing off all the cool things we did, but tonight, I just don't have time to edit a bunch of pictures, partly because we also went to IKEA yesterday, and we have stuff to build, and also because Armondo and I are doing an in-home movie watching date night tonight. So, here to whet your palette, are two pics that didn't require any fiddling!


Anonymous said...

i havent been there since i was like 6!! those pictures are so sweet :)

hope all is well :D



shandelle said...

You have such a nack for photography. Those pictures are amazing! Hope date night went well. I don't get those anymore because my son doesn't sleep!!! Hope you enjoyed yourself!!

Kim said...

Cool pics!! IKEA sounds like fun, but we don't have one near us. I hope your "at home" date went well.