Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Hubby is Coming home!

Soon. Maybe tomorrow, but probably the next day.

So, um.. yeah, I'm busy getting the house that much tidier, and then, when he makes his arrival, I'll be that much more busy, 'cause well, YOU KNOW WHY!

So, go enjoy my archives! 'Cause I might not be writing much here for the next couple of days.

And, once things are settled, I'll continue with the series!

Next post in the series: The lead up to the engagement. (It's not as exciting as it sounds!)


Mr. Fabulous said...

Have fun! ;)

debambam said...

Oh boy between this post and the last post my mind is going crazy with comments mentioning in heat, lipsticks and hubby and you...but I won't go there! ENJOY!!

Pink Deysi said...

Have fun ;)

Kim said...

Have fun and enjoy your time with him:o)

maidink said...

I guess it's back to gourmet meals from Chef Armondo! You poor soul.

Seriously, I'm happy for ya, kiddo!

I'll be thinking of ya.

No really, I will be ... honest.

Ryann said...


Say Hi to Armondo for me.

and go hire a babysitter and get out for a date night at least once, maybe twice, or three times.

Evan said...

Look forward to it.
Don't mind us, I might go back through the archives- not sure I'd thought of that before

shandelle said...

HOpe your welcome home party is just that-a party!!!