Friday, October 13, 2006

Who's Da Man?!?

Things Armondo has said to me in the past 16 or so hours since he's been home:

"I really like that shirt! You look really good in it!"

"Did you do something to your hair? It looks really nice. Did you dye it or something?"

(After I asked) "Yeah, you look bigger! Your belly is nice and big and round, and I really like it!"

"Wow, the house looks great!"

"I'm really happy right now."

(To Annie) "Wow, I forgot what a pretty dog you were!"

"You want me to move furniture around? Ok!"

And, right now, he's out with Cherry at the pool, leaving me alone, by myself, for two whole hours!!! During which time, I've been able to bathe/shower without worrying about a screaming toddler, I sorted and put out the recycling without worrying about either barking dogs waking the kid up as I go outside without them, or the kid screaming as I go outside without HER! I've been able to write a grocery list without fighting the kid for the pen, and without having to snatch the paper back out of her hands several times. I'm able to write this blog entry without fighting with her over the mouse which is one of those optical ones, and she really seems to like to pick it up and attempt to stare straight into that bad, evil red light. (I fight with her and stop her from doing it, but it's hard!) I was able to sit on the toilet for several minutes without being disturbed. (New trick I learned for the dogs if they're bugging me while I'm in the bathroom- I say "Do you wanna have a BATH!?!?" and they run!) And now, I'm going to go lay down for a nap! Oh, life is bliss!


Cherrypie said...

Enjoy it all, Cece x

Kim said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Keep right on girl!!

shandelle said...

I guess I need to send Chris away for a while in order to get some time to myself here in this house!! You will need it though. Two kids is really hectic, even with a hubby around. But it is worth it. When is your due date? what will be the age difference. Belle is 2 years 4 months older and that seems to be a good age. Let me know. Your archives are great. If I want entertainment these last few days, I have been going to your old posts.

Alisha Ferguson said...

Glad I didn't show up to the pool this morning to see you! :) That would have been strange....

debambam said...

You are one lucky women, but he's also a lucky man. It's great that you appreciate what you have, so many don't!
Enjoy your nap darl, and then go make an appt to get than manicure and pedicure you mentioned over at my place :)
Cheers, Kellyq

CeCe said...


Kim~Thanks to you too!

Shandelle~Due date is Jan 7th. If the kid is full term, the kids will be 18 months apart.

Alisha~hee hee.. I figured you would've called if you were gonig to show up.

Debambam~I'll be making the appt. soon!

Anonymous said...

blechhhh can he come to my house and clean up the vomit on my floor caused bye your blog

Evan said...

Usually sends me running too ;)

Melora said...

What a sweetie! Sounds like he missed you as much as you missed him.
Having another parent around for backup is a Huge plus. You need some "me" time!

CeCe said...


Melora~I like me some me time!

Mr. Fabulous said...

What a guy! :)

Sarah said...

I hope you took the time to take a crap!