Monday, October 09, 2006

Why I will NEVER get a male dog. (A little TMI, just be warned)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cherry and I had Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws last night sans hubby.

It was interesting to say the least.

My Mother In Law was actually pretty cool last night. And her husband was nice and fun as usual. I had no worries about the brother and sister in-law, because those particular two are always fabulous.

There was, however a problem with ONE in-law.

And this inlaw had four furry legs.

Sunny, the un-altered 11 month old golden retriever male dog was a real pain in the rear all night.

And he LOVED Jacy.

He wouldn't stop chasing her around, biting at her neck, and trying to do things only doggies do. And he wouldn't put his lipstick away.

I tried my hardest to protect my little girl dog, but it was hard to deal with a toddler, Annie, Jacy, and a crazy horny love dog at the same time.

My MIL and StepFIL were nice enough to give us their room for the night, and Annie, Jacy, Cherry and I tried to settle down for a good sleep after being filled with tryptophan. Cherry, of course went to bed before me, and it was hard to get her to sleep between the yelps from Jacy as she ran away from Sunny, and the barks from Sunny as he begged to be let back inside so he could have his way with my poodle.

After the rest of us all settled down in bed, at an early 9pm, the real fun began. I took the dogs straight into the room with me, without letting them out for a pee, hoping that I could just wait until Sunny was settled upstairs with the rest of the in-laws in order to spare Jacy the stress of meeting her Pepe Le PU again. So, 10 or so minutes after he was upstairs, I let the dogs out for a pee, and my MIL came to see what was going on, and Sunny came downstairs and barked and woke Cherry up again. She went back down without too much of a fuss, but it was just the beginning of a really rough night!

Later, at some point I guess my MIL went out for a smoke, and Sunny came bolting down the stairs and ran into our room and JUMPED on me, trying to get at Jacy. This of course, caused whispered yells from me, yelping from Jacy, growling from Annie, and inevitably, crying from Cherry. After my MIL and I got Sunny out of the room and back up the stairs, I was able to settle Cherry down again, and go to the bathroom, wake Cherry up again as I came back into the room, and finally settle down for a few hours of sleep. Until 5 am.

At five in the morning, for some reason, my StepFIL's kid decided to walk through the house. The kid does NOT live there, and he's going through the house for some reason at 5 am. I heard a noise, possibly the front door opening, and Jacy, the good guard dog that she is, started growling, then Annie barked, Cherry woke up, and the fetus kicked me in the bladder. I had no choice but to get up, and there was no way Cherry was going to go back to sleep easily this time!

So, I got up, saw the kid doing something with some blankets out the back door, (thanked God that I had kept my purse in the room with me, and not out in the open), and let the dogs out to pee and sniff him while I got Cherry a bottle. Then, after I got the bottle, changed Cherry's diaper, got the dogs back inside, and put Cherry back in her pen, it was time for me to pee. It wasn't until then that StepFIL noticed that something was going on, and he came downstairs WITH SUNNY, and the whole cycle started again!

Cherry didn't really sleep much after that point. She whimpered every few minutes and let out little cries here and there, and we spent the next few hours in a half-sleep state, being woken up by the odd bark by Sunny, growl by Jacy, and footsteps of the in-laws.

And then the phone ringing and the arrival of Sunny into our room at 9am really got us started for our day.

Right away, Annie and Sunny were put outside to play and to keep Sunny away from Jacy, and Jacy was too stressed to leave my side as I went and did stuff around the house. When I went for a shower, Jacy sat outside the bathroom until she couldn't help it anymore and pissed and pooed all over the upstairs. She was too stressed to go outside with the big dogs and couldn't hold it any longer, so she let go and I had quite the mess to clean up.

It was then, that I decided it was time to go home. We had to make it home before nap time, 'cause I was NOT going to go two days in a row without a nap! (I figured Cherry would sleep in the car on the way up, but that so didn't happen, and I didn't want to screw with nap time a second day in a row!)

So, after looking for one of Cherry's lost booties for twenty minutes, we were able to drive home. And I listened to Cherry fuss and whine and cry for at least 45 min. (Half the drive.)

Jacy and Annie were excited to be home, and I could see the relief in Cherry's eyes as I put her down for a long quiet nap. We slept for over three hours, and now, hopefully, our sleep schedule is back to normal!

Oh, and Sunny? Well, his macho days are numbered. The in-laws had been debating whether to fix him or not, and after his *ahem* performance this weekend, he's headed for the scissors. Apparently, he whined ALL night wanting to get downstairs and at Jacy, and he panted like it was 30 (86F) degree weather for close to 18 hours. Sort of brings the term "puppy love" into perspective.


Sarah said...

Aww. I like golden retrievers too... but I'm going to get a female - no worries. ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I thought holidays were supposed to be relaxing...

shandelle said...

Heh Celena! Been a while. I saw your blog from Alisha's blog. Thought I would say hi. Your daughter is beautiful. Kids are great heh. I am a stay at home mom for now. I go back from mat leave in Jan. Nice to hear all about you. Shandelle

Anonymous said...

What a good girl Jacy was, not to have bitten that Golden where it counts to keep him from bugging her. If it had been any of my 3 females, the in-laws would have been spared the vet bill for the surgery. The girls would have emasculated that dog with their teeth!

Hope everyone has recovered from the ordeal. A little uninterrupted sleep goes a very long way.

Erin said...

I am SO glad my boys aren't like that. I think a lot of that type of behavior (humping) is caused by dominance issues in the household. Or, at least, I'm lucky, because my 9 m/o unfixed puppy doesn't do it to kids, just occasionally to other dogs.

Alisha Ferguson said...'re weekend beat mine for excitement! You never did say what the stepBIL was could you leave me hanging like that? Your post reminded me of how much I hated the 'peeing' part of being pregnant!!

CeCe said...

Sarah~Yeah, I'd totally recommend a female!

Mr.Fab~Yeah, that's a common misconception!

Shandelle~Hey you! Yeah, I love being a mom! Thanks for stopping by! I'll take some time to say hello on your blog in a bit.

Avalon~Yeah, Jacy really was good. She nipped at him, but took more time getting away than attacking back.

Erin~He wasn't doing it to kids, just to Jacy. And yeah, it was a dominance thing, but he wasn't doing it to Annie at all.

Alisha~I don't KNOW what he was doing!! I can guess though! Apparently that early phone call in the morning was from his mother saying that she found the kid with his girlfriend in his bed. She kicked the girl out. The boy was doing something with BLANKETS at the house, so maybe he was gathering some blankets so the two of them could cuddle outside somewhere, I don't know though. It was really damp outside though!

Kim said...

What a holiday!! Yep, if that dog was mine he would have been on his way to the vet's that night or at least locked in crate/room so as not to bothre my guests.

Glad you made it home safe and Cherry got her nap.

Pink Deysi said...

Sounds like you had an eventful and busy night! Hope the sleep goes better tonight and that you can relax after the holiday.

Joyce said...

Cece- Honey, I did NOT mean you! sorry if I stressed you. I so don't mind when people read and don't comment. I was ranting about a particular situation where there was a relationship/friendship, and since slightly before my bro died... NOTHING. Not that I want to keep track, so many kind people, you included, gave their love via cyberspace. But, because there was a friendship, it freaks me out that I was dropped like so much doggy do-do.
I did those two posts in quick succession, thinking that maybe I would just get this off my chest, and maybe no one would notice!
Again, read away. don't feel you have to comment. You and I both know that I'm not exactly queen of the comment- I haven't left you one in eons either. So lets not keep track!

CeCe said...

Kim~Well, not everyone is as considerate as you! And this dog has had ZERO training!

Joyce~It's just 'cause I had actually thought about how I never left comments when you wrote sad posts!

CeCe said...

Pink~SORRY, didn't mean to miss you!
Last night wasn't too much better, but we had another good nap today!