Monday, September 25, 2006

You're right, I'm wrong, I guess it's time to burn me at the stake.

This post goes out to Anonymous #1 and #2 who left comments on this post.

First of all, thank you very much for your concern over my daughter's welfare. It's good to know that complete strangers care about the well being of our children. You both have made me think very hard about what happened in the video, and I've come up with a new mind set on a few things.

I have thought long and hard and have come to a few conclusions:

1) You're absolutely right: It was very dangerous and irresponsible to let my daughter climb up on that small rocking horse and fling herself into a playpen full of blankets. I mean, even with those blankets in there, you can clearly see that this was a VERY dangerous situation. Even though she did it completely on own, with no prompting from me, I really should have stopped her.

2) I'm scrapping my idea of giving Cherry a tricycle for Christmas. It's just too dangerous. She could get hurt. Even with a helmet, it's just not worth the risk.

3) A bicycle for her third birthday is out of the question too. Knee pads? Helmet? Just not good enough. Kids get hurt riding their bikes all the time!

4) Oh, and I'm totally going to forget about taking her to the pool anymore to swim. I mean, I could just turn my back for a second and she could drown!

5) The playground is a total no-no now too. I mean, she's just too fast for me sometimes, and she could fall from the top of the slide and seriously injure herself.

6) Skiing and/or snowboarding at three years old? Nuh uh! WAY too dangerous! This is something that I always thought I'd love to do with my kids, but really, why risk it?

7)Oh, and don't even think that I'm going to let my kids get their licenses when they're 16! Motor Vehicle accidents are just way too common to risk it. In fact, I don't think I can even live with myself if I get into the car with my kids at ALL anymore! I guess we'll just walk everywhere now. Oh crap! Pedestrians get hit by cars too! Good thing the local grocery store delivers, I don't even have to leave the house anymore!

8) And God forbid, if I *do* change my mind and let my kids do any of these activities, I'd better not video tape them! 'Cause really, that's where the true evil in this whole debate lies, right?

Oops, sorry, got to go now. I just HAVE to figure out a way to strap that kid down to the couch in front of the TV so that she can't get into trouble. Oh, wait, watching too much TV causes ADHD, right? I'm screwed!


Erin said...

Nah, you're not a bad parent. *hug* Don't let the anonymousies get you down!

Mr. Fabulous said...

You are an awesome mom. And I will take down any gutless anonymous weasel who tries to say otherwise.

Evan said...

Give em germs, built that defense system- encourage scrapes and let em pick off the scabs (all the best memories of childhood)

cheers and don't let em bother you too much
gees, I just returned to this comment box, that word verification is the longest SOAB I've ever seen, what are you trying to do to me!! ;-)

Sarah said...

Anon? Where are you? Come out, come out, wherever you are...

maidink said...

*grabs matches*

Okay, Anon 1 and Anon 2, if you don't mind, please put some of this kindling around the pole there.

*points to the great big stake in the ground*

Yes, that pole, dumbass.

Can't burn the bitch without plenty of wood.

*watches Anon 1 and Anon 2 step into wood pile*

*lights match*

*throws it*

*watches pretty flames*

*listens to screams*


*puts arm around CeCe*

That'll teach those bastards to mess with you.

CeCe said...

Thank you all. I love you! SMOOOOCH!

Chase said...

Oh, geez! People need to lighten up. Cherry seemed to enjoy the hell out of flinging herself around!

I thought it was adorable...especially her laughing afterwards! :)

K. said...

You're funny.

Jod{i} said...

Ya know, some people just sit and blah blah...
Irks me...THe whole glass house thing...I love your parenting style(that I have been able to read about)...
We are on the same wave length in many ways..KUDOS for the awesome response.

I just an email similar to this post, about how we grew up, lead paint, number2 dye, all that stuff...

LMAO at many of the comments!

Cherrypie said...

which children are likely to turn out to be repressed, sociopathic loners? The ones given freedom to scrape their knees or the ones never allowed to fall?

It did look like she fell nastily at first but she was clearly had great fun. I think you've got a mini thrill seeker on your hands.

Fidget said...

I would say that christmas should bring her full body padding but that might be a suffocation hazard. I think she needs her own bubble

Anonymous said...

first of all i never said you were a bad mother just an irresponsible one its not so much you let her jump (fall) but that you kept taping and laughed at it you didnt even get up to check on her you thought it would more cute to tape it so you can show all the other drones who visit this blog and i woulnt go as far as awesome average at best

maidink said...

Okay, just this one time.

Anon, you bore me. You bore all of us drones. All anons do. Until you start owing up to your words and identify, you're nothing more than a butt of a joke. Get it through your head, we don't care. We make fun of you for sheer levity's sake.

I truly pity you if you chose this post to be a crusade.

Drop it, move on, find another blogger to leave your faceless comment.

You mean nothing here.

Now, I shall ignore you as so should the rest of us including my Canuck.

Post another anon comm if you wish, you'll only be wasting good fonts.

Good day to you

Anonymous said...

this is anon 2 and i just cant believe what i am reading on this blog. we just told you how we felt about the movie and the wellbeing of your child and you blew it up into something out of control. wisecrack answers and making yourself feel better about the situation by poking fun at it is childish. whos the kid here you or your daughter . and by the way a kid that age should be supervised not left alone, point being how did your daught get a spoon find dog poo and and proceed to eat it without you realizing it in a timely manner. as for being anonymous if it makes you feel better,id like to stay that way because i dont see that you deserve to know who we are.

maidink said...

Anon #2

The comment to you

Ibidem Anon #1

Kim said...

You are a great mom and if I could make a list of all the times my niece climbed up, fell off, jumped off, and usually without injury, it would be several yards long.

Kids will do things and no matter how much we try to protect them they will find a way to do it.

Anonymous said...

holy...are the anons even parents? grow up you guys. the babe is fine! she is wonderful! and cece does a FANTASTIC job raising her child!

god...maybe if you got some fucking balls to post who you were, people wouldnt be so flipping upset at your idiotic comments...


Meghan said...

I completely agree with anon 1 and 2. I'm sorry, but in this blog you seem obsessed about proving you are not a bad mother from writing posts about the doctor to the dentist in what appears to be a desperate plea for approval.
Anon 1 and 2 were providing opinions in a public forum and everyone here has a problem with that. I don't get that how it is with the blogging world? Keep quiet and don't post comments unless you agree with everything always?
And really...who cares if they provide a name or not? get over the fact that people dont provide a name....that is what bores me.

CeCe said...

In my defence, I was just trying to address Anon 1 and 2 with a funny post, showing my true feelings. I do not think that anyone really felt like it was necessary to attack Anon 1 and 2 until they stopped leaving constructive comments and started to insult both myself and my readers. I appreciate my "supporters", and I love you all. To all you haters.. why don't you just take off, eh? You come here every day and read my every word, and you don't agree with me, yet I'm somehow entertaining you. This entertainment is free, and I am a real person. You have no right (implied or otherwise) to insult me or my so called "drones".

CeCe said...

Oh, and "Meghan" from Burnaby BC? Yeah, you. Glad you finally left a comment, 'cause I was wondering who from Burnaby was reading my blog 4-5 times a day, and was just "lurking". Seems like you, of all people REALLY love my writing! Well, welcome, and continue clicking through my blogroll and lurking several times a day on other blogs. We really enjoy the hit boost per day that you give us.

Kristina said...

LOL. CeCe, keep being you because it is you we love!

Erin said...

I'd say that you should turn off the ability to comment anonymously in blogger, but the ellure might not be able to comment. Hang in there! Trolls are just that - they want to pick a fight anywhere they can find one.