Monday, September 25, 2006

I have a blog?

Hey guys.

I've been spending the last few days dealing with:

~Running around trying to get the house clean enough to have my grandparents over.

~Cherry with a snotty nose.

~Cherry with a diaper rash so bad she has blisters and cries at every diaper change.

~Cherry waking up crying at 3am until 6am due to above ailments.

~My grandmother coming over to visit even though I called her and asked her to not visit because we were exhausted and feeling horrible.

~Ignoring my grandmother when she says "Well, that's what happens when you're a mother" after I explain to my grandfather about the lack of sleep and horrible-ness that's going on.

~KILLER heartburn I've had for days now.

But good things:

~Friday night we had fun at my friend's birthday party, where there were quite a few other kids that Cherry could play with. We eventually left because *I* was too tired from chasing her around. I believe this is where she got the runny nose from. *Stupid evil kids with germs.. grr*

~Last night my buddy LB came over and we made dinner together and had a nice visit. I don't get to see her as much as I would like.

~I've found a bunch of playgroups and activities I can do with Cherry, but I have to change her nap schedule.

Now, to come: Bathing the poodle, and going through a box of junk that my grandmother brought over that's from some sort of "family friend". oh joy.. more stuff to send to the Sally Anne.


Sarah said...

Ha! I totally have relatives who bring us over all their old junk, their neighbours' old junk, their friends' old junk... frig!

CeCe said...

Sarah~It's fun, right? I mean, really, like a treasure? Ha ha, NOT. Actually, I did end up using some of the stuff.

Tricia said...

At least you have somewhere to donate it!
There is one thrift store here, run by the Catholic church, and they aren't even accepting donations, so stuff goes to the dump...
We're so far from our families that they can't bring over their junk anyway!