Sunday, August 06, 2006

Could She Be Any Happier?!?

"Here mom, have some sand, I've already tried it out, and it sure is yummy!"

Another favourite toy!

Can she be anymore darling?!?

"Come on in, water's fine!"


Melora said...

No. Really, she could not be any cuter. Love the pink dress she is wearing to play with her dump truck in the sand in.
If your yellow truck is as sturdy as ours (which is a Tonka), Cherry will eventually be able to put her baby (?) into the truck and push him around the yard (once he/she has gotten to toddler age, of course).

andrea said...

I love the last one. It's like the punch line.

CeCe said...

Melora~It's not a Tonka, and it's not very sturdy, but for sure, by her next birthday, she'll be getting the real thing!

Andrea~It was so funny!