Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Ninja Poodle Gets Clipped.


"Oooh, I know I'm in for some trouble!!!"


"Oh, wow, I'm looking pretty good here!"

Ok, that's not the REAL after photo, that's a photo taken of Jacy way back when she resided with the rest of the Ninja Poodles.

The REAL after:

"Mom, please, SERIOUSLY, I'm dying of embarrassment here, PLEASE get that camera out of my face!"

Cherry says:"Mom is SO not allowed near MY hair!!"


Belinda said...

I like how she has her eyes closed in that last picture, like she can't bear to look!

OK, it's not THAT bad. I really, really recommend clipping the face clean, but that's just my preference.

I'll send my friend Sue over to look, and see if she has any "quick fix" tips that might help!

Sue said...

Really? Not bad for a beginner. Trust me, I've seen much worse, and over the decades as a pro, been asked to repair some really bad trims. I think mostly, you need practice. The topknot is a little small, but it's easy to keep cutting and not realize how short it's getting. Again, time and practice.

At what point was she bathed? A bit of practice fluff drying will give you a better base for scissoring. You can rough out before a bath (face, feet, tail, tummy, and bladed body), but brushing up the body after the bath for a reclip will give it a plush look, and that is when any real scissoring is done.

Really, it looks pretty good for a beginner. A bit of experience and Jacy will be turning heads all over town.

Sue said...

Looking again at Jacy's tail, it looks like you may have shaved most of it and left a bit on the end. If so, one of two rules apply here:
1) Never shave more than half the tail.
2) Really, shaving the base just an inch and leaving the rest long to be shaped is the better way. Think of her tail bone as a core to the apple, not the stick it balances on.

If I'm seeing it wrong, disregard this comment.

CeCe said...

Thanks girls for the encouragement!

I think I cut about half way up her tail.

I had actually made a mistake on the top knot and it looked really dumb, so I took the whole thing off..

Um, I cut most of it, then bathed her, then got back to it again today, doing a little touch up, and a bit of a brushing.

Thanks for the tips!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know much about clipping poodles (okay, I don't know ANYTHING about clipping poodles) but that is one awesomely adorable picture of Cherry!

Evan said...

Wish I taped my reaction to that post- first full on hearty laugh I've had alllllll day. Loved the photo set up there. HOW BLOODY CRAZY.

Thanks for the image literally and the thought of that poor dog going through your clippers...I rekon she is gunna run a mile next time she sees you with them!!!!

Kim said...

Not bad for a first time. I see you had lots of hints left already. Now Jacy looks like my girls in their summer trims:o)

What I find works for me with tails and I leave the correct amount on and keep the same line every time. Lay the tail straight down and place your finger, crossways, until your finger is level with their rectum. It gives you a line to trim the tail by and you always leave enough hair on the end. If you want I can email you some pics of how I do it and it is real easy.

Kim said...

Oh, and don't worry, it will always grow back so you can keep practicing:o)

maidink said...

I'm with Fab in this one. I know absolutely squant on clipping an animal, and Cherry looks way cute.

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab~hee hee.. do you know how to clip a bunny though?!?

Evan~Glad you found it amusing! Yeah, if I'm in the bathroom (the room where I clipped her) and I call her, she totally ignores me now!

Kim~Thanks for the tip. You can't see the tail very well in the pic, but really, the tail is one of the only places where I DIDN'T screw up!


Cherrypie said...

too funny. My Mum sheared me once. Be kind to Cherry. Never ever touch her hair with kitchen scissors!