Monday, July 10, 2006

Things are good, just busy!

So, most of my plan for this last weekend worked out, but I got a little too busy to do everything in the plan, and the people I wanted to make plans with at the bbq got a little too drunk and weird to talk to, so I figured I'd try another time to make plans with them! (whew, how many times can you say "plan" in one sentence?!?)

So, Friday I met up with my new friend K.M., and we hit it off great. She has a couple of adorable kids, 8 and 12, and the twelve year old girl just adores Cherry. It was nice to go to the playground and have HER chase Cherry around instead of myself.

Saturday, I went to the BBQ and had a great time hanging out with everyone and eating good food. I took Cherry with me for a couple of hours, then brought her home to bed and my Dad watched her as I went back to the party. I played a game that somewhat resembled babminton, and threw my shoulder out too.

Yesterday, it was Cherry's first birthday!! YAY! I gave her a sandbox (which she loves), and after a spaghetti dinner, I gave her a chocolate cupcake (which she loved even more.)

Her "big girl room" was all painted and ready to go yesterday (thanks to Grumpa), but there was so much junk that needed to be sorted and cleaned etc, that I didn't get to present the new room to her until today. I think she really likes it! When I let her into the room (she's been watching the whole process for days from the outside of a baby gate), she just ran in, sat on her new bed, looked around, drooled and hummed for about 20 minutes. Then she broke out of her trance and started to get into everything and making a mess!

I'm still not totally sure how I'm going to get her to go to sleep in her new bed, I'm sure it's going to be a stuggle, but for her nap today, I just put her in her playpen instead of trying to fight her. She went down with about as much struggle as usual (less than 2 minutes of yelling, then 20 minutes of giggling and babbling), and then slept for 2 and a half hours.

Anyway, I will be posting some pictures later tonight, and I'll do that mandatory "sappy mom, baby birthday" post that's required of all blogging mothers. Stay tuned. (I might actually not get to those until tomorrow, 'cause I have an overdue movie to watch, but we'll see.)


Cherrypie said...

Wow! You achieved loads this weekend. You deserve ti put your feet up with a movie x

Randilyn said...

Happy Birthday Cherry!

And congrats to you for getting through the first year! (and getting thru the long weekend with the big girl room!)

Now its time to sit back and relax...

Kim said...

What a busy weekend. Glad you got some stuff done:o)

Happy birthday Cherry!! Enjoy your room.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Looking forward to the pictures.

Happy Birthday Cherry!

We have decided that Cherry is the official Canadian baby of Pointless Drivel :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cherry!


Erin said...

Ooh, yay! Happy Birthday, Cherry!

Congrats to you as well, for taking some time for yourself. Way to go!

Evan said...

Wow, a few weeks away and I've missed so much. You sound like you are having a life on fast forward here. It's great for me to read all these posts in one go- that way I'm not on tenterhooks to see that everything works out ok- I just flick to the next post.
Post some pics og Cherry- the blog family is very proud to be celebrating.


debambam said...

Good for you on doing so much on your plan, do you feel better for it?
Enjoy your babies birthday won't you...take TONNES of pics to share, and try not to cry TOO much ok?!
Cheers, Kelly

Maidink said...

I knew there was something about your child that was too cool.

She's a Cancerian/Moonchild! We July birthday people are the best!

Welcome to the Cool Kid Club, Cherry, and a Happy Belated Birthday.

CeCe said...

Cherry pie~Thanks, too bad the movie SUCKED!

Rlyn~Ha ha, the first year was pretty good.

Kim~It was a good weekend!

Anna~It was good.

Mr.Fab~Yikes! "Run away Cherry, run away!"

Ellure~Cherry says thanks.


Evan~Welcome back. Your mom is a lucky gal!

Debambam~I do feel good for it. I just need to keep it up! And yes, I take WAY TOO MANY photos. And, I didn't cry yet.

Maidink~Oooh! My kid is cool like Maidink! Happy Birthday to you!