Tuesday, July 11, 2006

1st Birthday Fun.

This mysterious red thing might be my new favourite toy!

That was good spaghetti dinner Mom, but I just don't think I'm dirty enough, got something

Hmm... What's this?!? Is that a BABY SIZED OREO on top?!?

I'm sorry, did you want a picture with me smiling with cake all over my face? Well, screw that,

Oh, you think THIS is dirty?!? You should have seen the bathwater afterwards!

This is my new room. Grumpa and Mom did an awesome job. I just sat and drooled and hummed on the bed for awhile before I figured I should make a mess. I don't know about sleeping on this bed, but I sure like playing on it!

More to come after the big PARTY on Friday!

Mom says:Sorry, I didn't edit any of these photos before posting them.


Erin said...

First birthday pictures of babies covered in cake are the BEST!

Happy Birthday, Cherry. The new room looks really nice.

Candice said...

I love the picture where the whole fist with the cake is in the mouth... now thats awesome...

Happy bday!

Maidink said...

Bath water? I would have turned on the hose.

All one year old children should have a good sugar fix on their birthday. Glad to see Cherry is falling right in line.

Melora said...

Awww! I see Cherry enjoyed her first birthday in fine style! I love how happy she looks with her new room -- great smile!

Tricia said...

That 'big girl room' looks good!

..and it looks like she enjoyed her cake! I guess she'll know what to do on Friday! lol

andrea said...

My boys had the same toddler bed!

Ryann said...

great job on the room.

and those pics... awww what a dirty lil' kid. of course knowing her parents... I know where she gets it from ;)

see you friday

side note: these word verfifications are getting out of hand. rtwghvwvworrnyqvwrppnqrrghortv (ok not quite that bad- but close)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh my God, those last couple of picures of her eating had me cackling like a crazy person!

Randilyn said...

The 'big girl' room looks great!

Anna said...

OMG that looks like the best first birthday! Nothing like a big huge mess. Great pics.

Kim said...

Looks like Cherry enjoyed her birthday:o)

The room looks very nice. I like the color.

Belinda said...

Yeee-HAWWWW! Cake time!! Bella would not touch her first birthday cake. Glad to see our little miss had no such reservations!

Laurie said...

LOL!! Whatta mess, but OH SO CUTE!

Happy Birthday :-)

debambam said...

LOVE the cake pics, they are just the best....pick a good one and get it done in black and white..they look great! Looks like a good time was had by all - except the cake - can't wait for more pics and stories!