Monday, April 03, 2006

A little more PG-13

So back in this post I talked about some reasons why I've switched over my blog. Well, in that post I talked about a mother-daughter combination of in-laws with whom I've been having problems with.

The "mother" of this equation is my husband's aunt by marriage. She has pissed me off again. I'm soooo almost over it, but I thought I'd share a bit.

In the original problem, I had written a cryptic post about her on my blog, and her daughter read it and told her about it.. (Read more about it in that old post is you want..) ANYWAY, she's now been calling my husband to ask for more details about HER husband's activities while they were out fishing and waiting to fish. And then she basically told Armondo not to discuss their conversation with me because she doesn't trust me.

Why? Because I might blab about it to the whole world on the internet?!? Ok, maybe.

But here's the deal. I wrote about it. I erased it. I apologized. And I did all that after I spent two days listening to her whine about her problems on the phone to me and then spent another day hanging out with her while she wept and spilled all her guts to me.

The simple truth? I wanted to be there for her! I really did. And I care for her, I really do, but it stressed me out! And I vented that stress on my blog. I DIDN'T use her name, I didn't use specific details, and I changed some very important details.

But now, I feel like she's expecting me to grovel to her, to beg her to forgive me, for me to really put myself out to get back in her good books.

But you know what? I'm at the point where I don't care. Like I said to Armondo: "It's not like people are lining up to be her friend right now, and if she's going to sabotage our friendship, so be it!"

She's not a bad person. She's got a huge heart, and she's really "been there" for many people in the "in-law" family when they've needed it. But she can really get under your skin. I have the same problem!! I know I do! But unlike her, I don't NEED my in-laws approval. (The rest of Armondo's family doesn't like her, for reasons un-known and un-said. She tried for years to gain their approval to no avail. She has only recently given up, and is very hurt by the whole thing.) Of course, I'd LIKE it if everyone I ever came across loved and liked me, but that's not going to happen because I'm too honest and too blunt and abrupt. Much like her. Unlike her, I will accept that someone's angry with me, and I'm not going to beg her for a relationship with her. If she comes back around some day, I'll be here, but in the meantime, she can just deal with all this crap on her own, 'cause obviously I can't give her the help she needs.


So, thank you all for your tips and suggestions on what to get Armondo for our anniversary. In the end, I just made some cutesy game and we played it in bed. *ahem*

We decided that we really didn't want or need anything, since we're really pretty good at just buying what we want, when we want it, and since I had just bought new towels, it seemed like the traditional second year gift of "cotton" was well taken care of. Besides that, we're (hopefully) moving soon, and it's not like we need to buy more crap to move! Trust me, we're both perfectly happy with this. And don't worry, I'll be getting a big, shiny rock on our tenth anniversary!


On Sunday, we spent a bunch of time working on the yard. At one point Armondo just let one rip!


"ARMONDO! Say excuse me!!"

"What? Even when I'm outside?!?"



Evan said...

You're blgging to fast man, I can't keep up!!! Great read. So explain what the problem with the fart was????

Erin said...

In-laws are the bane of a marriage. There, I said it. It's true. While you might love them, it's often VERY difficult to like them!

BFNs as we call them (burping, farting noises) come out of men at the weirdest of moments. And (unexplainably) they're proud of them!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow! Someone is feeling prolific these days!

"Even outside?" Heh heh

Paddy said...

Hmm, from in-laws to farting in one small leap.

No surprise there really ;)

Candice said...

You tell him, that it is fine because he was see thats when you know its love... you can just fart. and then laugh about it..

and screw everyone else.. they dont pay your bills.

debambam said...

I'm lucky, I tend not have much to do with the in-laws....and plan on keeping it that way!

LOL about the fart - sad thing is I would probably respond the same way he did :)

Laurie said...

Never grovel. Never.

Happy Anniversary, and no farts don't count when they are outside... LOL

Kristina said...

Sorry I'm late on this, but Happy Anniversary.

CeCe said...

Evan~Not really a problem, I guess, I just have some expectation that we'll teach our kids good manners!

Erin~I have to admit that sometimes I'm proud of my BFNs too. Can't help it!

Mr.Fab~Yeah, something like that!

Paddy~Hee hee, no doubt!

Candice~I don't really have much of a problem with farting, but I want to set a good example for my kids! Farting is normal, but really, you should still say "excuse me" afterwards! Even if you are laughing!

Debambam~Well, we might move to another province so we don't have to deal with them! Who knows..

Laurie~I won't Grovel! Thanks! And, thanks, Armondo is pretty happy that everyone is on HIS side!!

CeCe said...

Kristina~Whoa, you and I posted a commment at the same time! Thanks for the happies!

And Thanks to everyone else who sent happies too!

Tricia said...

I agree, outside doesn't count.

Is the fulltime permanent? Or just for a bit?

One minute you are moving, the next you aren't...I can't keep up!

Sarah said...

FOUR days and no post? That's a lot of "S3X."