Monday, April 03, 2006

What have we been up to?

This is an entry that is "G" rated and will be copied into my old blog as well. I will be back with a better entry in a bit ;)

So, I've been waiting for AGES to take Cherry to the petting zoo. I was waiting for two reasons: 1, I wanted the hubby to be there for it, and 2, I wanted to be able to take photos, and since Cherry is pre-walking, someone needs to hold her while she pets the animals, making it hard to take photos.

We went on Saturday and had a really good time. There were even new lambs, and we got to watch them be bottle fed!

I took the camera. The batteries were dead. We didn't get a single shot.

Oh well, we'll be going back on Easter weekend for hay rides and visits to all the new chicks and ducklings! I will make sure the batteries are charged!


I'm starting full time work tomorrow! I'm a little excited, but a little sad as well.

I'm excited to bring in some extra income, but a little sad that I won't be home as much to spend time with Cherry.

I'm excited also, because I really love my job at the hardware store, and I'm happy to go back. I'm also glad that Armondo is going to have the chance to really get to know Cherry the way that I have over the past little while.


Cherry will now "High Five" and has just learned how to wave "hello."


I guess I should update you all about what's happening with the house.

It hasn't sold. Simple. HA! We're taking some of the fishing money and getting a new woodstove on Wednesday, and we're going to buy a new oil tank on credit, and hopefully those two upgrades will look good to potential buyers.

In the meantime, we've let the offer run out on the house up north. We got an inspection ages ago, and there were a few things wrong with the house that needed to be addressed right away. They weren't major problems, but they seemed big enough that we should have been able to get a lower price. So, we lowered our offer and the owner refused. We let the offer run out, and decided that we'd make another offer when our house sold and that maybe if the house had been sitting on the market long enough, they would take a lower offer. Here's hoping!

So, I will be back with pictures soon!


Erin said...

Ooh, I'm already feeling the tingle in my ovaries. You have the cutest baby ever - she could make anyone want to be a parent. I'd be powerless to pictures of her with duckies and wee baby lambs. You could take over the world with those, you know!

Melora said...

The petting zoo sounds like such fun, with the little lambs and all.
Sorry about the house. I feel your pain. The broiler on our stove is broken, and I'm wondering whether we should buy a new one. We will disclose it, of course, but I feel like we asking little enough now that everything should be "as is" (and I've been using the stove for years without the broiler). I think a pretty new wood stove might really appeal to buyers, though.

debambam said...

Good luck with the job, and don't worry about not spendng as much time with Cherry, it will make the time you do have more special and I can guarantee that you'll make the most of it and appreciate it more!

CeCe said...

Erin~You have figured out my evil plan! "Tonight, Pinky, we're going to take over the world!"

Melora~Isn't fixing the broiler just a matter of buying a new element or replacing a fuse? It might not be that hard!

Debambam~Yeah, it has been more special.. wait.. MUST GET OFF COMPUTER TO SPEND TIME WITH HER!