Saturday, March 25, 2006


So, just so you're all up to speed as to what's going on here...

I would LOVE IT if you all blog rolled me (if you do that sort of thing, of course!) I'm not totally hiding from the WHOLE world, just a select few...

The REASONS for hiding are few.. but here they are:

I had written two posts (months apart) in my old blog where I vented and/or talked about something that had to do with my in-laws.

In the first one, I wrote about how pissed off I was that my MIL had agreed to look after the babe 3 (or 4?) nights a week so I could continue working while the hubby went away, and then how she backed out of it for no real reason that she could give us. (She lives an hour and a half away, and was going to come stay with us for those few days a week to watch the babe, then she'd go home for the rest of the week.) I had expressed my anger by saying such things like "Why did she say something like that, and then take it back? Why even say anything at all?!?"

I got a VERY angry email from my oldest sister-in-law telling to remove the post. I did.


Can you maybe see why I could be a *tiny* bit pissed off?

The second, similar incident occurred very recently. I wrote about an in-law's marital problems because I was all stressed out about my own stuff, and then spent the day with a crying, crazy 45+ year old. I kept the whole thing very cryptic, changing every detail and not naming names, even saying a "friend" instead of "relative", but after having had it posted for a couple of hours, I went back and deleted it, 'cause I realized (on my own) that it probably wasn't appropriate to air someone's dirty laundry where people they knew could read it... even if the details WERE different. And, not only that, but I had written it out, and had expressed my feelings, and didn't really need to worry about them being "bottled up" anymore ['cause you know, I wouldn't TELL (face to face) anyone about it!]

ANYWAY.. said in-law calls me up. This is how the conversation went (approximately):
Her "Take it off there, just take it off!"
Me "I already did, on my own, and I'm sorry for putting it there to begin with."
Her "Write about yourself on your blog, don't write about me!"
Me "I know, I'm sorry. I didn't use any details or anythi..."
Her (cutting me off) "(her daughter) called me up all upset and told me about it! You shouldn't have put it on there! And you said that I thought he was.... "
Me "I exaggerated and changed some details on purpose, I'm sorry."
Her "Ok, just don't do it again." Hangs up.

Me calling her right back "I just wanted to call you to tell you that I really am sorry, and I didn't just say it because you confronted me with it. And I had honestly taken it down myself."
Her "Ok, talk to you soon."

Later, I instant messaged her daughter on my MSN list. (she's a year younger than I am)
Me "Hey, why didn't you come to me and ask me to erase that entry if it bothered you so much, instead of going straight to your mother?"
Her "Because I didn't want her to read it and get upset!"
Me "Ok, so you didn't want her to read my blog, which she never reads anyway, and get upset, so you PHONED her to MAKE SURE she knew about this upsetting thing, instead of asking me to remove it...?"
Her "You don't understand the relationship my mother and I have, we're really close and it's not like I could have NOT told her about it."
Me "Ok, well, how about this: Why didn't you message me to ask me to remove it, just so that not anymore damage could have been done (such as other relatives reading it and figuring it out) and THEN talked about it to your mother instead of just letting it sit on my blog? Which, of course, it didn't do, because I already had erased it!!"

She wasn't able to really give me a satisfactory answer (it just kept coming back to "I HAD to tell her"), but by the end of the conversation, (there was much more) we basically ended on a happy note.

The next day, the in-law calls me again, while I'm trying to put the babe to bed.
Her "WHY did you put it on there? Just tell me WHY!! And then WHY did you get mad at (her daughter)??!!"
Me "I didn't get mad at her. I have to go, I have to put the babe to bed! I'll call you later!"

For the rest of the night I stayed on the phone with other people in order to keep the line tied up in case she tried to phone me again.

The next day (yesterday) I worked for most of the evening, and then L. stayed and we watched Crash. When the phone rang, I got her to answer it "just in case" the in-law called, and then later, (after L. had gone home) at 1 am when the phone rang, I did my best to sound like I was sleeping, in order to do a quick hang up if I needed to, but it was just L. canceling our plans for today.

Today, though, I called the in-law real quick to tell her that my hubby (and in this case her hubby too) were now leaving to go fishing. We didn't talk about anything else...

But.. THAT MEANS HUBBY WILL PROBABLY BE HOME WITHIN A WEEK!! And he'll have MONEY! And much like the last time he went away for an extended period of time, I'm expecting some good s3x!

Which leads me into the last and final reason why I've done this as a private, non family member blog.

If I want to talk about my husband's and my s3x life, I will. I don't think his mother really needs to know about it though! Also, if you're a regular reader, you might remember when I did my version of "post secret", well, it's not like the hubby and I were fighting or going through a rough time, but I'd hate it if my in-laws read stuff like that then start whispering to each other about our relationship! I'm not going to delete it on the other blog, but in the future, I'd like to be able to gripe about his dirty socks on the floor and his greasy pillow case without the in-laws coming to any conclusions!

And of course, there's that whole griping about co-workers thing!

And, just so you're not waiting for some more, juicy info, I'll let you in on a little secret.

My br3asts have deflated! Regular readers will probably remember how I recently wrote about buying new bras? Well, they don't fit any more.

I have lost my stripper b00bs! And I think they might even be smaller than they were before I got pregnant. NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!! It had actually been a goal of mine to lose weight in order to have smaller br3asts. (Smaller bras are much prettier and much less expensive and easy to obtain.) I AM, however, a little upset about how SAGGY they are now. I mean, I thought they were saggy BEFORE... well, HA! I didn't know the meaning of saggy!

But the small b00b thing won't last long though, 'cause as you know, we're going to make babies soon (God willing, of course) and my b00bs will be big again!

And with that thought, I will leave you for now. (There's still another post brewing in my head, but I might not finish it tonight!)


PS.. please note I've put silly little symbols in b00bs and s3x in order to not be hit on search engines for these words!


Erin said...

Funny - my Mom got really upset today because I told her I'd written about her yesterday. And it was just a casual mention in the girl scout cookies post, but she's PARANOID that someone she knows or someone I know will start reading my blog. I know how it goes. Hang in there.

I think that the main reason that I enjoy blogging so much is that it's such a release to be able to write what's on your mind. If I had to censor it all the time, it'd be much less worthwile to me. Good job for starting anew!

Mr. Fabulous said...

S3X? I'll never be able to crack that code. I'll just have to wonder, I guess...

In-laws generally suck. That is my experience.

Mrs. Fab's kinfolk are anything but Fab. We avoid them as much as we can. I could really tee off on them, because they don't know about the blog, but for some reason I have not.

I understand your need for privacy.

I guess I sympathize about your deflated br3asts, but I don't know what that means, so...

I need to get me one of them there super decoder rings. We're going grocery shopping today, I'll check the cereal boxes.

debambam said...

i gotta tell you a secret one for me might me worthwhile soon...i have future (maybe) inlaws who would be like this too....your a more patient girl than me!

debambam said...

oh yeah, forgot to mention that I have blogrolled you, but made it private, I know your ok with it, but my comments sometimes it's prob best for 2 of my readers NOT to know about this one!!! Maybe I could start a blog and invite all sorts to vent...we could use different aliases and it could be one of those ones with 5 or so contributors...anyone interested???? We could call it venters anonymous!!

Maidink said...

My first set of in-laws were nice. I loved my mil though she tended to be a bit pushy. My former fil was a grouchy loon so he was harmless. My bil was an ass to the tenth degree.

I haven't spoken to any of them in over four years. Well, definitely not the fil - he's dead, too.

I love my current in-laws. Not nosey at all and have their own lives.

I wish I could say the same for Geo. My mom is a nosey little bugger.

Ryann said...

my mom sometimes reads my blog... then she wonders why she's reading her daughters 'stripper blog' and doesn't want to know some things, but figures it's better to know...

I figure it's her own damn fault.

gotta say I'm surprized you managed to openly blog as long as you did without pissing off more people. I mean that in the kindest sweetest way possible... but the brain to mouth to computer tact censor has never been a strong point.

and I love you for it. looking forward to more juicy dirt, and we gotta hang out.

Anna said...

Lovin the "new" blog...I am oh so careful when I blog too - I may do the same thing you have!

As for the saggy boobs...just wait until after kid #2. Sigh. I would love to have my pre-preggo boobs back!

CeCe said...

Erin~Wow, you mom sounds pretty paranoid!

Mr.Fab~I will NEVER tell you how to decode the secret!!

Debambam~ARe you scared they'd click and find your comments here?

Maidink~Yeah, blending families is tough! I mean, what's the deal with it? You're choosing to be involved with one person, and you get all these other people too!

Ryann~Yeah.. "tact" is not in my vocab!

Anna~I think the trick is to just keep on getting pregnant, and keep on breast feeding. Then they'll never have the chance to get saggy!

debambam said...

Debambam~ARe you scared they'd click and find your comments here?

The two that i'm referring too? yes. the ones i'd be bitching about? Wouldn't know a computer from a carport!!
But you know what, stuff em...

Nicole said...

arrg... families. My family is all really close. I have three sisters and normally, we all love each other and talk all the time. Lately there has been some awful tension and problems b/w me and my dad ($$$, gotta hate it) and between me and a sister. I hate it. My family are my main blog readers and all of a sudden I don't feel like I can write normal everyday things. Ex. We're moving out, we found a house to rent. Good news, right? Well, I haven't told my family yet so I don't feel like I can write it on a blog. I have a hard enough time as it is writing in this blog let alone starting up another one.... maybe a vent blog would be fun. Somewhere I can write long comments like this one. The in-laws are great though. Of course I would have a hard time complaining about the hubby on it.

CeCe said...

Debambam~Hee hee... DON'T HIDE!

Nicole~Yeah, I just had some tension with my grandmother over money too lately (which you may have already known ;) ) It sucks, but we're all good now. I'm sure you guys will do ok soon, because you have a strong background! As far as you blog goes, I think that you might WANT to write more if you feel more anonymous! I certainly do!

Sarah said...

HA! Well, it sounds like you have some rather emotonally-charged people in your life, eh?

I'll add you to my blogroll.

Also, as for boobs... mine have definitely shrunk. They look like 2 socks partly filled with sand with little cranberries on the end. I am bothered. What are they going to look like when I actually have kids and my babies will be sucking on them??!! Why do I inherit all the genetic defects in the family? WHY?

CeCe said...

Sarah~The only solution is to get pregnant, and to breast feed for the rest of your life. Your boobs will stay round and big if you do that. The secret is that you CAN'T STOP though, 'cause as soon as you stop, they will deflate and sag!