Monday, March 27, 2006

Really, why get your panties in such a knot?

A little while ago, I posted a comment on a blog that went like this:

I say:
Ok, I SWEAR I've seen that girl on the right! I swear she went to one (of my three) highschools!

Then, someone else, going by the name "Anonymous" says:

Celena, that was a terrible use of grammar. One of your three highschools didnt teach grammar, maybe all three

My incredibly witty response?

Anonymous~One of your highschools didn't teach you how to make conjunctions. Idiot!

And now I can also see that they don't know how to use punctuation either!

Why do people make such a big deal about these things? I mean, I'm there, right with them. I hate reading something that doesn't make sense because of someone's poor grammar, use of the wrong form of a word, or sloppy punctuation. But, really, if it's written well enough that you can understand it, then what's the problem?


Candice said...

who needs grammer right?

Mr. Fabulous said...

I agree. If you can get your point across, what's the diff?

Some people can be uptight.

Erin said...

I'm with you - if it's intelligible, what's the problem? Although to be fair, I cut and paste my blog entries (not my comments on other blogs) into Word to check spelling and grammar.

debambam said...

i dont sea wot the pwoblem is, if you get ya point acros then dus is matta?

Melora said...

Some people appear to get a thrill of superiority from catching grammar errors. Unfortunately, as you've noticed, few people are such talented grammarians that they can correct other people's grammar without appearing foolish themselves. I don't think I would go back many times to a blog that was really poorly written (except my son's), but your blog is well written and interesting.
I do like Erin's idea about pasting in Word!

Sarah said...

It's one thing if you're writing for a professional publication -- I hate when newspaper articles have screwed up grammar. The Parksville-Qualicum paper is bad for that. But if it's for a blog - especially the comment on a blog? There are a whole new set of rules here! You write like you talk, because blogs are personal, not written for an entire city of readers. It's like talking to your friends, or people you might like to be friends with. How may of us use perfect grammar when we speak?

Sarah said...

Hehe... see? I should have said "there is a whole new set of rules" rather than "there are a whole new set of rules" because "set" is singular. ;P

CeCe said...

Candice~Well, SOME grammar is needed in order to get your point across!

Mr.Fab~I can understand that poor grammar can be annoying, but to comment to someone about it when you don't even know them? I'd say that's uptight!

Erin~Well, I always try to spell check, but I don't think my grammar is really all that bad!

Debambam~eym knot going 2 dignefie thut wit a anser!

Melora~I agree about not wanting to go back to a really poorly written blog. Often, if I'm browsing and the grammar is really bad, I just skip by it. I mostly do that because if the grammar is that bad, then it's probably a children's blog and there's not much reason to be lurking around it! But if it IS an adult, and the grammar and spelling is horrible, I find it quite painful to read through it!

Sarah~YES! I agree! I HATE it when something has been published with errors! Especially since there's supposed to be SOMEONE editing the stuff! Another thing I hate is when menus and signs are all messed up!

Kristina said...

I so agree. Sometimes I don't have the time to go back and check my posts for mistakes, but I know the gist is there. If I wanted to read perfect writing all the time, I would never read.

Sarah said...

Do you remember when there was a furniture store in Parksville (on the Alberni Hwy) called Fletcher's Challenge? Anyways, they had this sign in HUGE letters in front of their warehouse that said "Major Brand's" OMG! I couldn't stand it. Learn how to use an apostrophe! Retards! Even if I had a home then, I would NOT have shopped there because I would have seriously questioned the intelligence and reliability of the managers and staff!