Monday, March 27, 2006

Name Calling!

Ok, so the new name-calling system is going a little like this:

The Babe is now going to be called "Cherry", where it seems appropriate to include a name. Cherry was a name that I REALLY liked when I was trying to pick names for her. I (of course) didn't pick it because it was a name that was just ASKING for lude s3xual teasing, and may have limited her choices of careers later in life. "Excuse me, Ms. Prime Minister Cherry (insert last name here)", just DOESN'T seem to work!

As for the hubby, I'm going to start calling him "Armondo". It's maybe not the coolest name in the books, but it's a bit of a play on his middle name. It uses most of the letters of his middle name and then adds another letter. (I dare you to try to figure out his middle name!!!) I haven't actually discussed the use of this particular name to him, but I'm hoping there won't be an issue. If there IS an issue, well, I guess we'll figure something else out!

And just so you know... it's not a good idea to have a nap when your hair is still wet from your morning shower, 'cause this is what happens:
March 26 001
(Yes, I have more than one sweater, and no, I'm not ALWAYS sitting in the same spot in my house.)

And for those of you who only come here to see pics of Cherry, here ya go!
March 26 005
March 26 006


Mr. Fabulous said...

Boy, what a little ham for the camera Cherry is! Love it!

Nice nap head!

Maidink said...

Thanks, CeCe. Now I have that Neil Diamond song in my head.

Kristina said...

Cherry is a great name....round and yummy! LOL

And I've never met a challenge that I did not attempt: Is is middle name Ramono?

CeCe said...

Mr. Fab~Yeah, it's pretty funny, but now I can never get any candid shots, 'cause as soon as I whip the camera out, she's RIGHT there, with a huge grin!

Maidink~Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what you're talking about!

Kristina~Close, but not quite.. try again!

Lisa (not from B. K.) said...

Hey don't know if "Hubby" would like "Almonzo", or you would like me to name him (!) but it's from Little House on the Prairie series which rocks my world and you gotta love those books with all your animals.

Erin said...

Cherry - so cute, and sweet sounding. She's the most photogenic baby EVER. You should enter her in photo contests - I'm sure you'd win.

And I think the hubby's middle name is Raymond. Or not.

Maidink said...

Not a prob. I was afraid you wouldn't. The song is titled "Cherry, Cherry".

CeCe said...

Lisa~Well, without knowing the character you're talking about, I'd have to say that that is an AWFUL name! Almost as bad as Armondo!

Erin~We entered her once, but that was back when she was still grumpy! If we're still in the area when the next one comes around, we'll do it! And yes, it's Raymond!

Maidink~I'll have to try to find that one!