Monday, March 27, 2006

She wants her Daddy to come home again to cook for her!

Apparently my cooking leaves something to be desired. It's not like I didn't know that before, of course, but I really think Cherry made her point tonight.

I mean, she LOOKS happy eating spaghetti and goldfish crackers, right?

Well, apparently not, because not 20 minutes later, I caught her doing this:

See that? Yeah, that's the DOG'S FOOD! Hard, brown kibbly chunky things.

"Mmm.... Quite delectable, actually!"

"I wonder what it would be like if I dipped it in water first?"

"Hmm.. *munch* not bad, not bad..."

Of course, if I wasn't a blogging mommy, I would have grabbed her right away and directed her away from the dog food, but instead, I grabbed the camera, got a few shots, then used the "hooked finger" method to get the kibble out of her mouth. Two pieces. One was actually munched. GROSS!


Evan said...

Hey, hold up...I used to love cat food!!!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh, I am sure she was not making an editorial comment on your cooking...

As far as you know :)

Erin said...

That's darned funny. And you know (speaking from childhood experience), most dog food's not that bad. Really.

Ryann said...

mmm kibble!

glad my evilness is amusing to someone other than myself. by the fake phone number I mean this one... 604-696-1033.

dial it.

(and fucking laugh)

debambam said...

LMAO!!! I so agree with you! My phone is always close by incase theres a blogging moment around...hey by the way dog food is fine, part of what I call Vitamin X group...right next to dirt and worms and sticky lollies that were under the seat of the couch for 6 months..

Chase said...

That's one thing I've noticed about myself lately, too. Everything is fodder. As if I don't narrate my every action enough as it is, I picture in my mind how I'll describe the stuff on my blog. And what pictures I can put there. And what the title might be. Haha!

Maidink said...

Mmmmm, kibble.

Too bad the pup hates Milk Bones. They're quite tasty. Clean your teeth, too.

Maidink said...

Holy cats! How many more times am I gonna leave a comment, only catch the split second after I hit [ENTER] that someone else said practically the same thing?

I quit ...

Sarah said...

Hey! I left some comments to previous posts. I don't know how often you go in there to read them: just thought I'd tell you, even though I don't expect you to reply to them. Hope you're having an awesome week!

Melora said...

That is gross. Truly gross. On the other hand, we (at this house) eat ground turkey and turkey smoked sausage, and I'm pretty sure both of those are made by tossing whole turkeys into giant grinders, and that is pretty gross too.
I wouldn't take any comments by my kids about my cooking very seriously. When I make something really good, like Lemon Shrimp and Asparagus, my kids say "eeww," but they get all excited about macaraoni & Velveeta, so what do they know?

CeCe said...

Evan~That explains a lot ;)

Mr.Fab~I guess only time will tell!

Erin~Actually, according to Cherry, it's pretty good, 'cause she KEEPS ON GOING BACK FOR IT!

Ryann~ That is MEAN!!! OUCH!!

Debambam~Well that's good, she's not lacking vitamin X so far! Does pea gravel fall into that group?

Chase~Yeah, I come up with really good stuff all the time. Then I forget by the time I get to the computer!

Maidink~ NOOOOOOO... don't quit! I like your comments! Even if they are completly redundant!

Sarah~I'm getting to them!

Melora~Mmmmm... Macaroni and Velveeta! Sounds yummy!