Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Little Bit Confused!

Overheard as I was walking along the waterfront the other day:

"Oh, I just love those shoes! They're so adorable!"

I turn to look to see what this random person is looking at through a shop window, as she turns to her companion and asks:

"Don't you think those are so cute?!"

She was talking about these:
Practical? No, they have HOLES in them for Louise's sake!
Easy to slip on? Yes, they've got something going there.
Comfortable? Many say yes, they are comfortable.
Light weight? Yes.
Colourful? Yes.

Hmm... I'll leave that up to you guys to tell me!


Melora said...

No. Not adorable at all. I do love my slip-on rubber flip flops, because they are convenient, comfortable, and hose off when they get dirty. However, with great embarrassment I will admit that briefly, in the early 1980's, I wore a very comfortable pair of rubber slip-ons, which we then called "jelly shoes," which were less brightly colored but even uglier than those clogs.

Maidink said...

I concur. The are "jellies" but brighter.

I guess they are pratical and comfortable. Lord knows you can probably clean them with a good ole squirt of the garden hose.

I still wouldn't buy'em.

Maidink said...

And I just realized AFTER hitting the ENTER button that Melora mentioned the hose aspect.


Yet, I still wouldn't buy'em.

Tricia said...

Um...did you get a pair? because I'm sure that YOUR pair look very nice, just those ones in the picture are ugly, I guess you could dress them up...


Erin said...

I think they'd be cute on a toddler. But on adults (especially ones with big feet) they'd look funny. Then again, almost anything looks adorable on a little kid.

For me? I have a green Birkenstock pair, that I bought when I was living in Eugene, OR. Because it is really so rainy that you need plastic shoes. Now I just use them to garden in.

CeCe said...

Yeah, so I agree with most of you in that they're probably pretty good for gardening, (And my husband likes them for when he's working in a kitchen, due to the fact they're light weight, and have good grips.) BUT, I can't believe how many people wear them out in public! INCLUDING THE MAJORITY OF THE FEMALE IN-LAWS!!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know as I have ever seen anyone wearing them. But then, I am mostly oblivious to these things.

They are an abomination.

Nicole said...

Despite my first reaction of discust at the new popular shoe (they are quite ugly), I can't hold myself back from going to get myself a pair... are they expensive? I need some.
Really, I just want some for the gardening factor. I'm excited about anything that has to do with a garden. *beginner gardener*

Ryann said...

I loved 'jellies' when I was 8... playing on the beach. fabulous.

I saw those shoes when I was walking on the seawall the other day... they certainly caught my eye. but NOT in a oooh I love those cool shoes" ... more in a "oooh pretty colours, ahh it's a shoe! wtf?"

gardening, beach walk, kitchen... ok. style? class? fashion? public? NO!

CeCe said...

Mr. Fab~I love you! "They are an abomination." Love it!

Nicole~They are between $10-$40 depending on what brand and what location you get them. Like Cdn Tire sells them way less than that shop on the waterfront!

Ryann~Whoops, I almost used your real name! I think it's 'cause you're home, which turns you back into your real name!! Anyway, we must have seen the same store! And yes, the colours are very nice...

Anna said...

Go to Hawaii...they are sold everywhere there and alot of the tourists (except me) were wearing them.

Belinda said...

You people are all Philistines, and Crocs are the BOMB. Alex has a pair (navy), I have 2 pair (one pair of sandal-style, and 1 pair with the holes as pictured), and Bella has a pair (like the ones in the picture. Hers are purple).

They are AWESOME! They weigh NOTHING, massage your feet while you wear them, and the holes ventilate and keep your feet cool. And if they get dirty, you can just hose them down--heck, you could run 'em through the dishwasher! They cost $30 around here. Crocs. Total knockaround shoe awesomeness.

They're nothing at ALL like Jellies, but closer to the rubber Birkies that Erin talks about, only half the weight, not as stiff, and a fraction of the price.

Don't dis my Crocs.