Saturday, March 25, 2006


So, O., the babe, Annie, and I went out and had a big day today! After O. had finished his swimming lessons, I picked him up and we all went out for some fun. (quick reminder: O. is a "borrowed kid", and my godson)

First, we walked through this fancy "fitness park" in the woods where we did some impromptu agility training.

Both of these pictures were taken by O. who is turning 5 in a couple of weeks. The one above depicts Annie jumping back and forth over that... thing.. and the one below
is Annie running up and climing over this ramp thing.
Later, O. insisted on walking Annie on her leash himself. This actually went better than expected!O. was not so impressed when Annie tried to walk HERSELF on the leash though!
After we were done in the fitness park, we dumped Annie off in the car and went to the playground, where babe found the most amazing new substance! We call it "pea gravel" around these parts.See that kid in the background? I was trying to get a picture of him, but not be too creepy taking pictures of other people's kids.. but see that coat he's wearing? It's a batman rain coat, WITH A CAPE!! I have GOT to get me one of those!!

Afterwards, we went for icecream.
Tip to all of you out there... if a kid asks for raspberry icecream and points to the more expensive, non-dairy icecream, DO NOT ATTEMPT to fool the kid by giving him the less expensive (and in this case more pink than red) dairy version of the same flavour.
'Cause if you DO try, you'll find yourself eating raspberry icecream of the dairy variety instead of the chocolate peanut butter ice cream you REALLY wanted, while the five year old whines his way into getting the redder, more expensive icecream.Notice the blue jacket O.'s wearing? yeah, that's mine. He got a little cold and looked OH SO CUTE in the way huge coat!
The babe quite enjoyed the raspberry (of the dairy variety) icecream and got it and some cone all over her face. [The pink on her right cheek is actually a sort of (rug-like?) burn from sucking too hard on her soother and having the outside part rub hard enough to mark it.]

We then headed back, stopping to get some poutine on the way, and taking a ride on a rocket ship with some muppets.
To see more photos, click on the flickr thing on the right!


elle said...

O took some great photos!! i hope you had fun :)

debambam said...

"It's a batman rain coat, WITH A CAPE!! I have GOT to get me one of those!!"

LMAO girly! Do you think they'll sell them in your size?

Tricia said...

Looks like beautiful weather


O's pretty good with the camera for a 5 yr old.

CeCe said...

Elle~Yeah, we had a GREAT TIME!

Debambam~I think I might have a tough time finding one, but hey, it doesn't hurt to dream, right?

Tricia~It was SOOO nice, and in the playground we were so hot, we took our jackets off. O. only needed my jacket when we got by the water. And yes, I was impressed with his camera skills!