Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wouldn't this entice YOU to use the potty?

Cherry is smart. No, she's not "gifted" or totally amazing or anything. She can talk circles around any other two year old I know.

But she refuses to use the potty.

Not even when we went out and bought this stuff:

If *I* got a cool sticker and got to wear fancy panties, I'd probably start using the potty more often! (and there we go, a post in before midnight.)

*Edited to add.. Wow. I wrote this post LATE last night when I was dead tired and had a splitting headache, and not only is it not complete, but it's not even entirely truthful!

~It's not that she's refusing to use the potty, she'll sit on it, but she won't actually GO in the potty.
~She loves her panties, and really wants the stickers. It seems like a good motivator, but she still can't seem to actually figure out how to pee or poop on demand.
~Most of the time she won't even tell us when she needs her diaper changed, and will often tell us "no,it's just fine" when we ask if she wants it changed.
~I don't really care, except for the fact that I'm "supposed" to be training her. Diapers seem so much easier at this point.


shandelle said...

How old is she? I think normal is between 2 and 3. We tried to push Isabella and decided to stop then one day at 2 1/2 she just wanted to do it and we haven't turned back. Zach on the other hand is peeing in the potty at almost two with no pushing from us. Those panties are cute and who can resist a sticker book!!!!

CeCe said...

She turned two in July.

Maidink said...

Dude, take it from me. YOU read my potty disaster posts with Dink. I'm still in therapy because of how evil I was with the poor thing. Anyway, she was fully trained by three and half. They train when they train. If Cherry trains now? Aces. If not? Well, you said it yourself about diapers. No big deal.