Friday, November 02, 2007

We Goin' to Seep Land?

For the past couple of years, Armondo and I have been discussing buying a new bed. When we first moved in together, we didn't really think we needed a new bed. I brought a nice, newish double into the relationship, and he brought a gross old single futon into the relationship, so my bed seemed much nicer than what he was used to, and pretty adequate for what we needed.

As time went by, we started discussing how much better a Queen size bed would be, but we've been thinking of moving (including putting our house on the market awhile ago) for a couple of years now, and we've been thinking of holding off buying a new bed until we were in our bigger dream house. Part of the reason for waiting is that we didn't want to get rid of our current bed, and there's no room to store it at our current house.

Long story shorter, TODAY WE BOUGHT A NEW BED! We don't actually get it delivered until Tuesday, but wow! it's so exciting!

We went on Wednesday to look at beds, with the kids in tow, all of us dressed as cow folk, and Cherry had the best time jumping on the beds and leaping from bed to bed. We told her we were at "Sleep Country" and since then she had been asking to go back to "Seep Land". She was just beside herself when we arrived again today at Seep Land, and had a blast playing with the moving beds, as well as hiding under the covers of the made bed.

When the time came to leave, Cherry called out "Tank you! See you soon! See you tomorrow!"

Then, tonight, while we were cuddling at bed time, she told me she was going to dream about Seepy land. Seems appropriate!


shandelle said...

That is soo cute! I loved buying a new bed. And even with lots of critters in it the first night (the kids and us), I think it was the best sleep ever!

CeCe said...

I'm looking forward to all of us cuddling in the new bed! Cherry can't seem to wait either! But now she's asking for her OWN new bed now!

Anonymous said...

That is exciting?!?! Is she still in her crib? Most nights we have Zach in with us, some nights Isabella is as well. Just paint it and change the sheets and she will think it is a new bed. Isabella wanted a new bed so a painted butterflies all over it in girlie colors and she bought it! (I couldn`t log in because the at symbol is screwed up) Shandelle

CeCe said...

Cherry has been in a toddler bed for over a year. That's a good idea about changing it all, but we just did that a year ago... and to make matters worse, we just had to alter Peach's bed into a toddler bed, so now Cherry thinks Peach has a new bed too! Poor kid!