Thursday, November 01, 2007


Howdy, Y'all. We had a great time yesterday being cow folk. We went to play group in the morning and did the trick or treating in the mall in the evening. It was actually pretty mellow, as Cherry isn't nearly as crazy as last year, and made sure she was holding hands with us the whole time she collected her candy. Peach just hung out in her stroller and watched all the crazy kids run around. (But I made sure we got a few treats for "her" when I saw there was good ones being handed out. I'm so bad.)

Cherry ran around playgroup all day holding ponies. How appropriate!

Peach pretty much just hung out and looked cute all morning at playgroup.

Armondo specially trimmed his facial hair for the occasion. What a trooper! You can't ever accuse this family of not being fun!


Mr. Fabulous said...

Cutest. Family. Ever.

CeCe said...

Ha ha, thanks Fab!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I agree. You guys are awesome!

CeCe said...

No, no Sarah, YOU are awesome!