Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas in November.

Remembrance Day is now over, so bring on the Christmas!

Usually we wait until Dec first to decorate, but this year we're doing it early. The Americans usually wait until after their Thanksgiving, and we decided to wait until after our November holiday.

The reason why we're doing it earlier than usual is because we have no idea when Armondo is going to ship out again, and heaven forbid I decorate AFTER Dec 1st! (We keep the decorations in the spider infested crawl space and there's no way I'm going down there by myself to drag them all out, which is why Armondo's presence is required.)

I LOVE Christmas, and I'm stoked we're starting early. We put up the tree today, but have yet to decorate it. I'm sure we'll work on that tomorrow.

Some may say it's too early, but why? Since the time change, it's been getting so dark here so early, and dare I say that the weather has been a little drab? Why not lighten and brighten things up a little by adding some holiday sparkle? And now that we're living in the days of fake trees, there's no reason to wait until late Dec anymore!

Who's with me?



Sarah said...

To each his own. :) I'm sure your house will be lovely. We usually put the tree up about a week before Christmas. :)

CeCe said...

Sarah~Well, if you have a real tree, you can't exactly put it up any earlier! So, I can forgive you.

Sarah said...

Oh... it's fake. :P

Heather said...

Hey Celena... I'm with you, girl! I love Christmas.. I put my tree and decorations up 3 days ago!! My girls don't know yet, they will be jealous!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS.. I love the tree, the Christmas carols, the movies, the food, the friends and family! All my crew are coming up to Ukee for Christmas this year, I can't wait. Bless you, Heather

CeCe said...

Heather~Sounds nice! Are we invited too?