Saturday, November 10, 2007

I've Got a Secret!

Cherry was pulling a hunger strike last week at dinner time. This of course, is a completely normal toddler thing, but like all parents of two year olds before us, we were just as frustrated!

But we found the solution, and I pass it on to you!

In order to get your (my) toddler to eat, you must get her to HELP you cook the dinner!!

Now, if Cherry "helps" to make dinner, she's guaranteed to eat a whole plate worth! Even if it just means she puts the noodles in the pot, or washes the potatoes, as long as she thinks she helped make dinner, she'll eat a whole bunch of it!

And that, my friends is our new secret!


Rachel said...

Absolutely! I discovered this little secret when my daughter was 2 and it has changed our world! Congrats on your secret discovery and kudos for sharing it with the world! You may save someone's nerves!!!

CeCe said...

Rachel~Ha ha, thanks! And thanks for visiting~

Jules said...

Wow, really? I'll have to try that!