Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Baby *sniff* (updated)

From the moment I got pregnant with Cherry, I knew that if I had a girl, I would wait as long as humanly possible to cut her hair. My plan was to wait until she asked to get it cut. After being a regular reader of Belinda's blog, and noticing that she hadn't cut her daughter's hair until she was three years old, I was adamant that I was going wait and to do the same thing.

Until recently. When I noticed a bunch of split ends. In Cherry's baby fine hair. SPLIT ENDS! NOOOOO!

At the time, Armondo and I were cuddled with her in her bed reading a bedtime story. I said out loud how I noticed she needed a cut, and I started quietly whining to Armondo about how much I really didn't want to do that!

But then I asked Cherry if she wanted a hair cut.

Her answer: "LET'S GO!"

"Ha ha, sorry sweety, not right now! You have to go to bed now; we'll do it another day!"

That was a couple of weeks ago, and every day I've brushed her hair and almost shed tears thinking about losing her baby curls.

To me, it's more than just the curls though. It's the "baby" part. Because I had Peach so soon after Cherry, Cherry didn't have much time to be the "baby". She was out of her crib early, (partially due to the baby coming, partially due to the fact that she's CRAZY and would climb everything and was thisclose to being able to climb out of the crib.) She had her jolly jumper and swing taken away early (more because we were trying to sell the house, and our realtor told us to get them out of the way.) and I put away all of the "baby" toys on her first birthday when I replaced them all with toddler toys. (Those baby toys will be leaving the house soon all together, because honestly, I can't stand them, so Peach will be deprived of her baby toys soon too!)

Cherry was also a pretty early walker, and was fearless from day one. I wouldn't go so far as to say that she's "gifted" or a child genius, but she's always been able to talk circles around kids her age. Those two factors, combined with her being tall, have also made her less of a baby to me.

The only thing left that was "baby" was her curls. And I was so sad thinking about them being cut off. Even if she had a rat's nest mullet.

But today was the day.

Getting up onto the big chair.

This is actually a look of excitement, not fear.

"So, what do you want me to do, exactly?"

"Umm.. she has split ends, and I really don't want you to cut off her curls, but *sniff* if that's all you can do, then *sniff* I guess that's ok."

"Well, I can just take a little bit off. I don't have to take off that much."

"*sniff* ok, just do what you have to do!"

The little sister, waiting patiently.

NOT sitting still. Not even for a sucker. But not freaking out either.

Still waiting....

And Voila! All done. Still mullety....

But she still has curls!!! I big puffy heart the hair dresser!

And Cherry was so happy with her sucker, her new weird comb thing, and her new "hair tut" that she did a little pigeon toed dance for everyone in the waiting area!

And in the end, I survived. And I didn't actually cry. Mostly. And, actually once it completely dried, it actually looked quite cute. Even if it IS still a mullet. Poor kid.

Oh yeah, and Cherry did fine too.

ETA: Now, the day after, I LOVE the haircut! It's so cute! And she had random comments on it today when we were out. The curls and waves are adorable! Getting her hair cut was a GREAT IDEA! Ha ha


shandelle said...

Isabella's first cut was much needed and dreaded. She freaked. She was about 18 months. It just wouldn't gorw out well. She has 5 crowns on the top of her head thanks to her dad. So when it started to get long, watch out. We gave Zach his first cut about 2 weeks ago. I DID cry. He had this mass of curls and I was afraid they would never come back. But low and behold, even short, there is still curls. I completely understand the mental torture

Avalon said...

CEce~~ She looks WONDERFUL! She still has her baby hair, but in a little girl style. Hoever, the second picture of Peach (with her finger pointed) is the best part of the post. It looks like she's trying to instruct the hairdresser on how to do the cut!

flutter said...

She is such a doll!

Erin said...

I think SHE is just adorable, mullet or not! (Seriously, though - I would never have thought mullet if you hadn't said it)

Melora said...

Awww! She looks absolutely adorable. (And she is still a baby, you know!).
K. finally got her first "big girl" cut a couple weeks ago, and she is 5 1/2. Ed never would have let Me cut off his baby's hair, but She asked her daddy if she could have a cut like the little girl on the cover of Family Fun magazine, and of course Ed can't deny his girl anything. It looks cute.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that you were going to get her hair cut, looks like she had a funtime though, Man i love those kids!


Anonymous said...

t sure if you remember me, but my daughter (16 months) has VERY curly hair and I don't want to cut it, but it is tangled all the time. I know what you were feeling!