Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ketchup with Peach

Armondo and I have been putting off getting Peach her first round of shots. We could blame it on being busy but I think the truth is that we were just stalling, 'cause it really sucks to hurt your little baby!

Today though, we had to do it. There's an exceptionally long weekend coming up with Easter, and we weren't sure we'd get another chance before Armondo ships off again. And I really wanted to do it while Armondo was actually home 'cause it would be hard to get someone to watch Cherry.

So, today was the day, and at first, I had Armondo all ready to take her in, but I decided that I would buck up and do it myself 'cause it would probably be nicer for Peach to have her mom and her mammaries close by for comfort.

Peach had been very sleepy so far during the day, and hadn't done much interacting up until the point when I sat down with her in the nurse's office. She looked up at me and gave me one of her cute gummy smiles, just as the nurse gave her her first poke of four. That was the last smile I saw from her all day. She cried quite a bit, but settled down in the waiting room where Daddy and Cherry were playing. Once we got home, all four of us took a nap, and then after we awoke, Peach cried for an hour and would cry out again each time we touched or moved her legs. Poor kid. When I put her to bed this evening, she went down without much of a fuss, but her eyes were puffy from crying, and she didn't do any of her normal cooing. Peach doesn't normally cry. Honestly. She's one of the smiliest, quietest, happiest babies ever, and maybe cries a total of five minutes a day. So, today was especially hard. On all of us! Cherry was a bit extra whiney too today, as she's never happy when her DeDe (baby) cries. I sure hope Peach is feeling better by tomorrow!

The nurse today said that Peach was a little on the smallish side. Tonight, I looked it up, and she's almost three months old, and using the percentiles for that age, she's between the 50th and 75th for length, and she's at the 25th for weight. (24inches, 11 3/4 lbs). I'm not too worried about her size though, 'cause she seems to eat well, and she's quite strong, so I think she's pretty healthy. I could have sworn though, that she was bigger than Cherry was at the same age, but looking back at Cherry's records, she was actually right around the same size. It seems to me that she's growing out of clothing faster than Cherry did. Maybe it's 'cause I wanted Cherry to grow fast and reach each milestone faster, but with Peach, I want to savour and enjoy each little baby moment. I have to say, it is a lot easier to enjoy Peach's baby moments as she's such an calm baby. It wasn't until Cherry reached 2 1/2 months that she finally started to break out of her colicky stage. (The age that Peach is now.)

I will be having more time to blog and relax now, 'cause Peach is starting to develop a sleep routine. She'll go to bed around 7pm, which is the same time as Cherry, and will only wake for feedings during the night and will sleep well past 10 am if she is fed quickly and is not let to wake up completely. At least this is what's been happening for the past few days. It would be really nice if it keeps up, 'cause I have missed my evenings! Before Peach was born, I'd relax for a bit after Cherry went to sleep, then I'd do cleaning, and I'd either watch TV or blog. Since Peach was born, I'd have to choose between cleaning or blogging, or neither if she didn't go to bed until really late. Currently, I put Peach to bed in her crib and then I will bring her into my bed when she wakes in the night. I will probably keep this up until she needs less feedings at night, or she starts to move around a lot. With Armondo being gone most of the time, it's not much of an issue to have her in the bed. When he IS home, if the bed gets too crowded, I'll either move Peach to her crib or bassinette, or kick Armondo to the couch.

Besides that, there's not much to report. She's cute, she's smart, she laughs, she rolls over, and she's sleeping well.


mama.smythe said...

I don't blame you for postponing shots. They are no fun. A few parents suggested trying the shot guard, but I never bought it. Used bribery instead with our oldest. There's nothing like Ben & Jerry's after being poked a few times... :)

debambam said...

"Besides that, there's not much to report. She's cute, she's smart, she laughs, she rolls over, and she's sleeping well."

I'd say that all qualifies as plenty to report! I hated getting Zoe her shots, a necessary evil unfortunately, but think of the alternative and a small amount of discomfort now is well worth it..
Happy Easter!!