Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ketchup with Cherry.

Cherry hasn't ceased to amaze me these past couple of weeks. Every day she comes up with some new phrase or saying that just cracks me up. A lot of it is mimicking, of course, but sometimes when she says stuff, and it really fits for the occasion, it just blows my mind.

Some of her current sayings:

"Momma, (or Daddy, or DeDe) where are yoooouuuuu?"
"Let's go, let's go!"
"Bwush tee! chussh shish shish" (Brush teeth with sounds)

She can count to three, which she's been doing for months now, but I don't think I've documented it. But she can only do it in one language, which makes me think she's not watching enough Dora.

She can identify hearts and stars and circles, but has no interest in squares or triangles, etc.

She's still as crazy as ever at the playground, and today figured out how to climb UP the slide at the park. A very TALL slide. And no, I didn't have my camera. We might go back there tomorrow though.

She's starting to be more of a cuddler, which I'm enjoying immensely, and I'm thankful that Armondo is home right now so I can pass off Peach in order to spend time with my first born.

But the biggest news:

She will now sit on the potty.

That's it. No peeing or pooing on the potty. Just sitting. And she gets her tiny piece of chocolate reward. This is a HUGE event though. Just last week she would cry and run away from the potty if we mentioned it. (I have no idea why-there was never any tragic event, I don't think.) And now, she'll ask to sit on it. Obviously she's only asking in order to get chocolate, but hey, it's a start! I'm not expecting any quick progress in this area, and in fact, I'm not even totally ready for her to learn how to use the potty. We're planning on a huge road trip in the summer, and I'd hate to have to pull over every time she felt the urge to pee. Diapers might be easier. But then, there's that whole "impact on the Earth" thing that I feel so guilty about. *sigh*

She's going through some terrible face problems right now, which sucks. Her nose has this crusty scab in one nostril and it hasn't stopped running for two weeks now. It looks horrible, and it hurts her to wipe it, so most of the time we just let it run. Which is pretty gross, and makes me one of those parents that lets their kid run around with a snotty face. I always said I wouldn't be one of those mothers. Grr. She also has a pretty bad case of acne right now too, which is unfortunate. Needless to say, there hasn't been a lot of photos taken of her so far this month. I hope things clear up a bit before Sunday, 'cause we're doing all of our Easter celebrations that day at the MIL's house, and all the cousins are still around. And where there's cousins, there's many, many photos being taken. Oh, and that zit I mentioned, like 8 months ago that was on her chin? Still there. It's been there for about a year now, if not more. The same zit. Never goes away. Unlike before though, I don't get the chance to pop it as often as I used to.

So, it's midnight now, and I should head to bed. I might write something interesting for YOU guys someday soon. We'll see!


Mr. Fabulous said...

I would use the toilet more if *I* got chocolate for doing so...

Alex Elliot said...

It was a big deal when OS would just sit on the potty chair. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things happening1

Evan said...

Just hope she doesnt mix up her browns!!!!
sorry, was that uncalled for?

Congrats on the talking, hours of entertainment will be had, who needs pay tv ;)

Melora said...

You are so right about the convenience of diapers on small children on a road trip! Good for Cherry, though. Sounds like she is making great strides on many fronts.

debambam said...

Yay Cherry!! So much happening and so many things learnt, keep enjoying it all sweetie
Happy Easter!!

shandelle said...

Dora is great for learning. Some people say that kids shouldn't watch TV but Isabella learned so much from shows like Dora.

Avalon said...

I love the age where they are getting language. it is so much fun to see what they come up with on their own.

Sarah said...

Hm. I don't remember learning how to use the potty, but I sure was upset when my parents made me STOP using it in favour of the real toilet. They said it was my sister's now, and this upset me. I was also scared of falling in the toilet bowl... I mean... obviously my butt was a lot smaller then. Anyway. Potties are cool. I hope Cherry's is floral like mine was because I always enjoyed mixing business with beauty. Hm.