Monday, April 23, 2007

I know they're saggy.... but?

Cherry and I always rehearse body parts. This usually takes place during bath or diaper time, and usually consists of the basics: Eyes, earrrrs, nose, mouf, kneeees, etc.

Yesterday, as I was changing her diaper, we were going through the list when suddenly Cherry grabs my breasts and yells out "KNEEEEEES!"

Thanks kid.


Julie said...

Ouch...I just snorted coffee. Thanks kid.


Avalon said...

Do you mean........that's NOT where they are supposed to hang! OMG, somebody call a plastic surgeon for me......STAT!!

Maidink said...

*envisions the moment*

All I have to say is "OW!"

dillyweed said...

From a girl with "knees" for boobs to another... You are NOT ALONE.
Say it with me: WE ARE NORMAL.

Sarah said...

Maybe she meant "these"... Um, but from the context, I guess not. Anyway, remember what I said about my boobs being like socks with sand in them? AND I HAVEN'T HAD ANY KIDS. Ok, maybe I shouldn't be so public. Hm.