Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dear Blog

We've been together now for almost two years in one form or another, and we've really had some good times. But I think it's time we down grade our relationship from "lovers" to "just friends".

You have to admit, you saw this coming.

It's not you, really... it's me. I just don't have the time for this major commitment anymore. My children and home come first; it's time for me to stop neglecting them for you. Sure, most of the time when you and I are together, we're talking about the children, but I think it's time for a little less talking about the kids and a little more interaction with them.

It's not just you I have to see less of, it's the whole Internet, really. I only have time for all of you in the morning when I'm eating my cereal and in the evening after all the housework is done. And with so many things to do online, it'll be hard to devote so much time to you specifically.

I'm not saying that we won't see each other at all anymore. I mean it when I say I want to be friends, but that means I'll really only be able to check in every once in awhile.

I cannot forget you completely.

With much love,

PS. Things might change when the days get shorter and the nights are long and lonely again.


Sarah said...

I'll check for facebook status updates and msn name changes to find out how you're doin'. :)

Kim said...

I understand taking more time with your family, sometimes blog take a lot of effort to keep up. I will still check in for new pictures and stuff.

Julie said...

no! I demand regular updates on those little babes!

Ok, fine, you want to go and be a good mom and all that jazz.

And I'm wickedly addicted to truemomconfessions too. I'm havig trouble seeing straight.