Friday, February 02, 2007

So much to write, so little time!

A completely posed photo. They don't really get along this well! More on Flickr.

~Ok, so I don't know how to deal with RSS feeds, but I checked and one out of three of my feeds is working, so, if you want to, you can delete my feed then re-subscribe to the working one.

~I have like 6 posts in my head, but no time to write them. I'm spending too much time hanging out with my kids and the TV. And currently, Armondo has been taking a few days to work casually as a painter, which means I'VE BEEN HOME ALONE WITH THE KIDS FOR THE WHOLE DAY NOW FOR TWO DAYS IN A ROW! (and I have to do it again tomorrow.) The whole experience has been scary, but we've been getting through it just fine. Besides me accidently closing Cherry's fingers in the sliding door. But we won't talk about that.

~Breast feeding is getting better. No pain at all on the one side now, but we're still working on mastering the other side.

No time to write any more, enjoy the photos.


lb said...

Hey there missy!

Thanks for taking the time to do your quick post and the Flicker pics. Awwwww.... Looking forward to being germ free so I can come over and snuggle your babies and visit. Love that b&w pic of you and Peaches just after birth where you are smiling down at her. Great shot! Glad Armondo is making some extra money. ttyl

Alex Elliot said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for telling me that my blog's feed wasn't working!

Melora said...

Darling picture! Peach looks a tad nervous, doesn't she?
I've been having trouble commenting here. Often, the word verification won't show me the letters I'm supposed to type. Today is fine though!

Alex Elliot said...

Hi CeCe,
I just tagged you on my blog to tell 6 interesting things about yourself.

CeCe said...

LB~Yeah, get your butt over here!

Alex~Thanks,and no prob

Melora~Yeah, she's pretty nervous of her big sister, and with good reason!

debambam said...

I haven't been getting your updated feeds, so i'm obviously subscribed to one of the dud ones! Any idea which one works???!!!
Off to play catchup..will comment tomorrow though :)

Tricia said...

weird, somehow your feed just deleted itself off my list. I had to search you and add you again. Seems to be working now though...

Evan said...

Feeds, RSS or something, God I'm getting old, I have not even got one, been manually checking all this time- One day, one day.

Cute pic, peach looks like a doll