Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank you. And other stuff.

Thank you all for your feedback regarding my mother. I was sort of surprised by the emotional response I got from some of you, but I appreciate the thought that has gone into the emails and comments. And yes, Andrea, you're probably right on both counts.

On another note... I've noticed lately that a lot of people's RSS feeds are not working. I've discovered that I haven't been keeping up with some blogs because Bloglines isn't picking up your feed. It seems to be happening with some blogs that have switched over to the new blogger. So, if I haven't been commenting, but you're on my list, that might be why. I simply do not know that you're updating! (and if the same thing is happening with my feed, please let me know!)

Holy crap, the laundry doesn't stop! Peach is going through 4-5 sleepers and blankets a day right now due to spoiling them with various bodily fluids. Add that to Cherry' average of three outfits a day due to messy eating, along with regular household laundry, and I tell ya, there's just no end to it! I used cloth diapers with Cherry in the beginning, and I'd love to do that with Peach too, but the thought of MORE laundry almost makes me weep!

Oh, and I never mentioned this before, but Peach was really RED when she was born, and her feet and hands stayed pretty red/purple right up until today. Now they're nice and peachy coloured! (Just in case you care, of course.)

How's that for a random post?


Melora said...

I read your post about your mother and didn't comment at the time because I didn't know what to say (at least that I haven't said before about your mother!). It does seem like you are happier by showing your mother grace and leaving the way open for her to pull herself together and (possibly) become a real part of your life, than you would be if you cut the ties entirely. (Though I can certainly see the appeal of a clean break -- she sounds like an incredibly difficult person to deal with!)

I don't know whether my RSS feed isn't working. You are so busy now that I wouldn't expect you to have much time to visit blogs.

The laundry is brutal. Some of our "fluid leakage" problems were fixed when we found well-fitting diapers (when they were very little, T. could Only wear Huggies, and K. could Only wear Pampers), but nothing is foolproof. Glad to hear that Peach is over her redness! It certainly didn't show in the pictures.

maidink said...

*YOUR* RSS feed isn't working either, missy!

Get it fixed, chop chop!!

Now get back to your laundry.

Anonymous said...

i heart random entries!


Tricia said...

Your RSS feed isn't working on bloglines.
But I check occasionally anyway; something about the frequent mentions of bodily fluids that brings me back, you know?

hee hee

unique_stephen said...

So thats why you haven't been reading and commenting on my every post.

CeCe said...

Melora~I think because you're a church goer, you understand more where I'm coming from with the whole wanting to forgive and help thing. And as far as the diaper thing goes, it's not really a diaper problem so much, as that she's real good at "leaking" as soon as her bottom is bare... that, and she spits up a lot..

Maidink~Still trying to figure out that RSS thing. Shouldn't have opened my big mouth.. err.. fingers.. and still working on that laundry!

Ellure~Good, I heart YOU!

Tricia~You've ALWAYS loved the poopy talk!

Stephen~Uh, yep, that's why! ;)