Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clutter Busting

I'm trying to get my house more clutter free. Just doing little things here and there.

Today, I sorted the diaper change table and bought some containers to hold all the diapers and other junk stuff that gets stored there.

I also decided to clean out my drawer in the bathroom and re-organize it using some cheap baskets I found at the Superstore today.

Most of the stuff I threw away was typical bathroom build up stuff: Old creams, expired meds, etc.

The one thing that confused me though was this:

Can anyone tell me WHY I decided to keep my wisdom teeth for probably about 7 years? And why, up until today, I thought that this was a completely reasonable thing to have stored with my cosmetics and hair brush?!? Did I think that the tooth faerie was going to come and give me a fortune some day? Did I figure they would be a fun thing to pull out and show to the kids one day? Maybe, I was going to keep them for some weird Hallowe'en accessory. I have no idea.

What sort of weird things do you keep and have no idea why?


Anonymous said...

I have kept all of my daughter's teeth.....and her retainers! Maybe i can string together some kind of funky tribal/industrial necklace and sell it for scads of money. Or, maybe I can just throw them away. nah, might gross out the garbagemen!

Kim said...

I saved all of Chauncey's and Jasmine's baby teeth:o)

CeCe said...

Avalon~I'll probably end up keeping my kids' teeth too. I don't know WHY, but I probably will!

Kim~Your DOGS' TEETH?!? I guess they're like your kids.

Ryann said...

hahahaha I just found MY wisdom teeth when I was cleaning out my stuff at Gramma's... apparently I thought that wisdom teeth belonged in the box with extra tooth brushes and random trinkets.

I'm weird too.

Pink Deysi said...

EEWWWW! I didn't even know they would let you keep them.

CeCe said...

Ryann~And? What did you do with them after you found them?

Pink~Yeah, it's pretty gross.

Chase said...

Eeeeheheh! Ew!

If you REALLY want to get organized and uncluttered...try I LOVE her. I have a notebook and everything that I do everyday. It WORKS. :)

CeCe said...

Chase~I'm a follower! The clean up last night was two 15 minute clutter busting stints! I use a lot of her methods. Like today? Sheets and vacuuming!

Sarah said...

Keep them! I couldn't keep my wisdom teeth because the dentist had to smash them because they were crooked and growing under a muscle.

When I was a kid, I kept my pulled-out molars in a pocket of my brownie uniform for over ten years. Actually, they still might be there. THAT is a weird place for teeth.

Julie said...

EW.... In HS we dissected rats for AP Bio and I ended up with a very pregnant specimen. I carefully removed 13 pups and put them in a jar w/ chems and then felt terrible for them and left them in my lab kit for the year. Then I brought them home at the end of the year b/c I felt bad throwing them away. And then they sat in my bedroom for years. And that's not even the grossest thing I brought home and held onto for ages and ages from a science class. Oh, no, not at all.

CeCe said...

Sarah~Too late, they're in the trash! I'll have the picture forever though!
In your brownie uniform eh? Yeah, tha'ts a little strange!

Julie~You kept DEAD RATS in your room? wow. That's crazy! I assure you that live rats make much better pets!