Sunday, September 03, 2006

Signs that Summer is OVER!

~We went swimming, not at the river, but in an indoor pool.

~The clothes off the line smell “crisp”.

~Cherry is wearing sleepers at night instead of just a onesie or shorts.

~I have the urge to put slippers on in the morning.

~Armondo pulled the second blanket over us last night.

~The days are getting shorter, and it's dark shortly after Cherry goes to bed.

~The thought of going for a walk doesn't bring visions of dehydration and sweat soaked clothes to mind.

~Good TV is about to start again!

~The clothes in the stores are cute again. I LOVE sweaters!

~Armondo is preparing to leave again :(

~Hockey starts soon!

Want to add any?


Mr. Fabulous said...

I can't add anything. It's still in the 90's and humid here :)

Kim said...

It is still in the 90's here, but I am noticing a slight change in the air at evening time. I am lloking forward to cooler evenings, although you will still sweat no matter what you do in Florida.

The stores are already bringing out the sweaters and long sleaved clothes, even though we still nedd tank tops.

Tricia said...

I'll add one: my running time got moved back to 9am on Sundays, instead of 8! It's finally cool enough to run later. (and I wore pants for my run this morning)

also, the leaves are starting to turn here (the first year we moved to Fort Nelson it was snowing on the Labour day weekend, so we aren't doing so bad this year!)

Erin said...

The leaves are changing here and we've had several hard frosts.

Chase said...

No "105 degrees today!" in the forcast. YAY!

My tan is fading. Boooo!

My pool is almost too cool to get into. WHAAAAAAA!!

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab&Kim~I could NOT live in Florida! Visit, yes, live there? No way!

Tricia~Well, I'm happy for you that you don't have snow!


Chase~Good for you for not wasting energy heating your pool!

maidink said...

'merican football season is about to start.


Football and hockey! The only real sports in my eyes!

Eve said...

NO!!!!! I'm in denial!!!
Summer will never be over! NEVER, I SAY!!!!