Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Shiny New TV.

Me likey the new TV. It's big. It's shiny. It's flat. And, our living room is MUCH larger now.
The problem? It's faulty, and we have to exchange it for a new one on Thursday. For some reason when you play a DVD, the sound doesn't work! But, I'll only be big shiny TV-less for a couple of hours, so I guess I'll survive.

Armondo came home with it and started setting it up right away. He didn't buy the wall bracket though, 'cause it was pretty expensive, but he swears he can make one. It's not that bad without the wall bracket though. The buttons are on TOP of the TV, so Cherry can't get at them, and it comes with a strap to secure it to the wall so it doesn't tip.

Up until this point, Cherry hasn't really watched much TV. I have a few episodes of Veggie Tales and Sponge Bob on my computer that she watches now and then, but she's never really had the TV on in front of her. I cut the cable this past summer in hopes of reading more, (umm.. I read ZERO books) and now that the cable's back on, and we've got a new TV, my "No TV for little ones" rule has gone out the window. I'm pleased I was so good for up to a year though! It's going to be much harder to stop the second born from watching TV for sure!
Mind you, the TV is on much more often while Armondo is home than when it's just me. (He's the TV fanatic, I'm the computer fanatic.)

Ooh! A nice big box to play in!

Helping Daddy out by bringing him the drill! (To screw the strap into the wall.)

The "before" shot.

The "after" shot.

My cute little TV Zombies.


Tricia said...

Her hair! OMG - she looks a bit more like a little girl in that photo, and less like a baby...


And then snugglin' with the bottle she's a baby again...

maidink said...

TV gotta go back? Lovely.

Love the zombie shot. Looks vaguely familiar for some reason.

*looks over at Geo and Dink watching Pingu*

Oh yeah ...

CeCe said...

Tricia~Her hair is coming in nice and full!

Maidink~I'm sure there are many "Zombie" days ahead for us here!

Erin said...

Wow, it looks really big and very, very nice. Cherry's a cutie.