Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cooking with CeCe

Crock pots are really handy items to have in your kitchen. They are great for days when you know you're going to be too busy to cook later in the day, and you can just throw everything in the pot and let it cook while you run your errands.

But, still, there are some lessons to be learned about the art of cooking with a crock pot. Take a minute to read a few here:

Lesson number one: The "Keep Warm" setting on the crock pot is not meant to be left on overnight. Your food will burn.

Lesson number two: Said burnt food is not appetizing. Not even to dogs. One of my dogs refused to even go near the crock pot, while the other one took turns looking at it, looking back to me, looking back at the food burnt pile of crap, then looking at me again, as to say "Mom, do I REALLY have to eat this stuff?" And to that I answer, "Yes, Annie, you must eat it all, or you don't get any dessert."

That is one disgusted dog!

Lesson number three: Your dogs might not eat said burnt crap, but if you put the pot out on your back deck, as I did, it might attract slugs, and they will seem to like it. However, if you accidently flick the slug INTO the pot, instead of off the edge of the pot and onto the ground, said slug may die a slow agonizing death as he shrivels up from the salt and citric acid found in the remains of your tomato sauce.

And that concludes your first cooking lesson with CeCe. Stay tuned for more cooking mis-adventures.


maidink said...

"Hello, Canadian SPCA? Yes, I would like to report a woman who is evil to her dogs and cruel to random slugs. Yes, I'll hold ..."

CeCe said...

Maidink~Har de Har Har.

Mr. Fabulous said...

The look on that dog's face is PRICELESS!

Ryann said...

reasons you married a chef...

Evan said...

MMMMM, more cooking with CeCe, you could be the new Jamie Oliver!

Kim said...

If the dog won't eat it, then it is bad, bacause my dogs will eat about anything.

Melora said...

LOve that picture of Annie! What a face. Bo never looks more than mildly disappointed when something he is offers proves unappetizing. I also like the Crockpot, but have yet to cook anything in it that the kids really liked.

CeCe said...

Mr.Fab~She's a bit pissed and confused in that pic!

Ryann~No doubt! So, when are you going to find YOUR chef?!? 'Cause you know, it'd be a good idea for you too ;)

Evan~Hey, that would totally piss Armondo off if *I* got a cooking show before him!

Kim~Um, yeah, it was bad. Sorry to say, it was even bad before I burned it!

Melora~Tonight's dinner in the crockpot wasn't so bad!