Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Wedding of The Year

Yesterday we went to A.P. and D.R.'s wedding. It was beautiful! We were actually late, which is a MAJOR faux pas, and I feel really stupid about it, but what's done is done. Being late though, means we missed the PONY RING BEARER! And the cute flower girl, who might have only been a couple of months older than Cherry. We got there part way through the vows, and we couldn't see a thing, but we could hear A.P. (the bride)'s voice quivering as she said her half of the vows. The wedding was outside, set in some beautiful gardens, which made for some pretty pictures. Between the wedding and the reception, we took 124 pics, but here I've just included some favourites. (To tell you the truth a lot of them didn't turn out well.)

Mr. and Mrs. R!

The bride wore pink WINGS! How cool is that?!?

The view from the back.

The bride's sisters. They were all bride's maids, plus there were a couple of other girls. The P. family is a family of four, wonderful girls. I've been friends with them for about eight years, getting closer to each girl at different points during that time. The youngest one (on the right) is still in highschool, and quite a bit younger than the other ones, so I don't really know her very well. Their parents are wonderful, and I get along well with them too. It's their house that Cherry and I went to a BBQ for Canada Day, and their dad's birthday.

Not playing favourites or anything by posting another pic of this particular sister, I just love the pic! She's such a photogenic girl, and she's always posing!

And you HAVE to look at the shoes they wore! They're were actually bought from a lingerie store! So silly fun in a perfect way. This wedding had "P. sisters" written all over it!

After taking pictures of the girls, we posed for a pic and we took a little wander through the gardens. Unfortunately, the cute dress I bought for Cherry is actually a bit big, so she wore one of her old dresses. She still looked good though!

Cherry, once again, practicing her "running away" technique.

And, TRYING to run away.

Stopping for a second to gaze at herself.

After the wedding part, we went to the nearby docks and found my dad and took him out for an early dinner. Things were ok, not overly weird. I guess we're getting along. I don't have much else to say about that.

Anyway, at about 5:30 pm, we made our way to the beautifully decorated reception hall, where we had a really nice dinner and good company. We're all friends with the band, and the band came to sit with us. They're a bunch of hosers, but they're lovable.

After dinner, we danced.

Daddy took his responsibility quite seriously! The two of them danced and danced!

Then we let Cherry go to perfect her new moves.

(this picture has been deleted, because someone had a hissy fit for me posting it. I won't name names, but HE's a baby!)

And then, Armondo perfected the "nostril shot."

And, after a long day of frolicking fun, the little one passed right out! And yes, that's a rubber snake on her lap. She likes it.


Tricia said...

Beautiful gardens! You took some great photos, and I love the wings! and the shoes!

(and Cherry's shoes - lol)

Anonymous said...

awww! even though i've sworn off getting married myself, all these wedding pictures, and wedding talk has given me the itch! oh dear god, mr carter better watch out!! ;)


Erin said...

What a gorgeous location for a wedding! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun.

Evan said...

at least you didn't have to pay to get in!!
A sweet looking wedding with groovy (does anyone still say that) friends

CeCe said...

Tricia~Yeah, there were great shoes all around.. but of course, the ones YOU bought Cherry were the best!

Ellure~Hmm... I hope I get an invite!

Erin~Everyone had a blast!

Evan~I think in this case, it's fair to say that these friends are "groovy".

Mr. Fabulous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. And those wings were a cool idea. I've never see that before.

Tricia said...

Ha ha...tell your man that his nostrils are very attractive! I saw them before the pic came down! lol
Did you tell him about the crotch shot from when you were camping?

CeCe said...

Mr Fab~Yeah, it was a first for me to see wings too! I was dissapointed that I hadn't done that!

Tricia~It actually had nothing to do with his nostrils... I'm not allowed to elaborate.

debambam said...

OH wow! When you said the bride wore wings the other night i'm not sure what I was thinking, but it certainly wasn't that...but it looks BETTER!!!
Great pics, Cherry looks like she had a ball....but then in that setting, she had no choice did she?!!
Cheers, Kelly

K. said...

Cherry looks so adorable in her little dress. And you're right, the one sister is really photogenic!

Kim said...

Great pictures and beautiful gardens!! I liked the wings and the shoes, cute idea.

I saw his picture before he had you remove it:o)

maidink said...

I keep forgetting to comment.

Cherry is beyond cute (but you knew that). I love the passed out shot.

*sees photo has been removed*

*rolls eyes*

Pink wings? Why was I thinking they were white? Then again, if they were white, she'd probably look like angel and that would be too freaky at a wedding.

I think.

Right, I'll leave.

maidink said...

Hey, Evan! I still say groovy on a daily basis.

*looks at her driver's license*

Oh ... that explains why.

*leaves again*

Sarah said...

Cool! I recognize some of those people!

sally said...

Great wedding...funky with pink wings and all and sweet Cherry looks absolutely edible!