Friday, August 25, 2006

Off to bed.

We have this weird shopping obsession. I mean, we never buy super expensive stuff, but we always seem to be shopping. I don't mind. In fact, I sort of like it. A LOT. And you know what? As shallow as it is, I'm really warming up to the idea of Armondo being away more so that we can have more money to go shopping with. That's right. I get the house to myself for months at a time, the husband comes home, he goes to work fixing roofs and such, we spend his money, and he leaves again. Darn it, this might actually work for us. (Check back with me again when I'm one month post partum and he's gone away after being home for TWO months.)

Anyway, this is the last thing we spent money on:

The before shot. Simple, colourful.

The after shot.

I was trying to go for coffee and chocolate colours. We still have to paint the walls. We haven't picked a colour, but the ones we're choosing from have names like:Wild Porcini, Arabian Sands, Pecan Sandie, Tuscan Beige, Swiss Coffee, Baked Biscotti, and Toasted Cashew. I'm sure you get the idea. A "Cafe au Lait" sort of colour.

Armondo really likes the "after" product and is pleased with the more "Grown up" look. In fact, he was SOOO pleased, that it took him barely 20 minutes to test it out.

In other news,
~The ultra sound came back as "Sex not able to be determined".

~Still waiting on the car stuff.

~There are two financial things we're hoping will work out and we're thisclose on both of them.

~If one of the financial things work out, Daddy gets a new TV, Mommy gets a new laptop, and we're also getting a new couch. Cherry? Well, umm.. she has enough toys!

~We're going to a wedding tomorrow. I'm sure that it'll be tough controlling my super active child, and there may be some "issues", but we'll just deal with those as they come up! Cherry has a really cute new dress, Armondo bought some nice slacks and a shirt, I'm wearing an old dress, but I bought the CUTEST new shoes! (It's hard to find dresses that fit over preggo bellies when you don't have a maternity store in your town!)

~I've been really busy lately, and I'm sorry that I haven't been on top of answering all of your comments, but I HAVE been reading them, and I'm trying to answer them by writing stuff in the next post!

~Which reminds me, my Dad and I haven't really talked, but Armondo called him today (Dad got a cell phone and the only time him and I have talked was when he called to tell me the number) and on Sunday, Armondo and my dad are going to use my dad's truck to pick up more roof supplies and use it to haul away the pile of shingles and other junk in our yard. So, umm, I don' t know if my father and I are "getting along" or not these days.

~Also, because I've been busy, these posts have really been in the "suckage" category lately, and for that, my loyal readers, I am sorry. And for anyone who might be new here, please don't go away! I really CAN write good stuff, sort of, and some day I might write something good again.. I promise! Maybe.


Cherrypie said...

That all sounds satisfyingly good. Enjoy your weekend ( sounds like things will turn out fine with your Dad) x

Tricia said...

Nice bedding!

(and you were the one who said that I liked the shopping a bit too much!)

No Maternity store? Whats up with that? Your town is more than big enough to have a mat store!

Kim said...

I like the colors, even your dogs like them:o)

So, how long do you have to wait before finding the sex of your unborn?

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the new bedding! isn't it fun to buy house stuff??

hope to see you at the wedding!


Chase said...

Pretty new bed stuffs! :)

And, the house I'm painting today is going Pecan Sandie - it goes on nicely. I say YAY to that color. (In case you want my professional opinion!)


Mr. Fabulous said...

I've got to get myself some sexy pajamas like he has!

Erin said...

New linens are the best. I like the colors that you chose.

CeCe said...

Cherrypie~Yeah, it does seem like things are ok with Dad.

Tricia~Isn't it crazy we don't have a maternity store? I mean, this is like "Mall City!"

Kim~Yes, the cats AND dogs like it a lot. It think it has a much cosier feel to it. And, unless we have to have some sort of emergency ultrasound, we probably won't find out the sex until (s)he's born.

Ellure~Yes! Playing house is so much fun!

Chase~That's good to know! I like that colour!

Mr.Fab~I think they're from Walmart!

Erin~Thanks. I would have liked a little darker, but yeah, I like them too.