Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm a real person, with real emotions.

And you hurt my feelings.

I hope it made you feel good to leave a nasty comment like that. 'Cause really, if it didn't make you feel good, I mean REALLY, REALLY good, then it was probably a waste of time, because it certainly added to the tears shed at the end of an already horrible, emotional day. And if you didn't get something out of that, then really, what was the point?

I reported the incident to your server, and will continue to do so if you or anyone else decides to be abusive. If you ever leave a comment threatening me again, I will take the matter straight to the RCMP.


Tricia said...


People can be assholes!

(do you think it was someone you know?)

Anonymous said...

what a cowardly jackass that person is.

dont listen to them anyway c. you have a lot of supporters who would kick that person's ass if they were brave enough to leave their url!

we all love you and are glad that accident was not very serious.



maidink said...

Why not do that comment moderation thingy (that is unless you're not into censorship, or you feel that would be bowing to them)? I know a few bloggers that had to do it for that very reason. I forgot to mention that to you yesterday. I know it doesn't stop whomever from leaving comments. For that hiccough, you can restrict comments to Bloggers only. Again, I realize you might not want to do that because it would mean the anon was successful in their cowardly goal. I hope this makes sense because I'm still exhausted.

Evan said...

the good thing to come of it is that for other readers we can really see your integrity in leaving it there and showing your response and raw emotion.
Hope all is ok, thinking of you.

Candice said...

Im always missing out on something...

Mean People Suck!

Kim said...

What a coward and mean person that was!!

I'm with Anonymous, you have a lot of supporters to cover your back.

Cherrypie said...

No wonder you are upset. That was an awful comment. We love you, CeCe, and you don't need that sort of rubbish.

Hope your day's getting better

PS. Cherry knows what a great mum you are which is why the nighttime bottle thing was such a doddle x

Mr. Fabulous said...

Fuck, I'd like to get my hands on that cowardly asshole.

I'm sorry that happened.

We're here for you.

Erin said...


Someone (I don't remember who) has anonymous comments show up as "Anonymousie" I like that, it seems fitting.

People are cruel for no reason, but, luckily they're usually not the majority. Most of us luuuuurve you (me included)!

CeCe said...

Thank you all, you are great!

Tricia~I don't think it's someone I know.

Ellure~Thanks. I love you too!

Maidink~The problem with moderation is that *I* will still get the comments, even if they're not posted. And I have a few friends who comment who use LJ, who I wouldn't want to alienate by only having blogger comments!

Evan~Thanks. I guess I sort of had "motives" for leaving it there, but I don't want to discuss those.

Candice~Yes, yes they do!

Kim~And I love you all for it!

Cherry pie~Thank you, the day got a bit better, but only after it got worse.

Mr.Fab~ooh, that was hot!

CeCe said...

Erin~I didn't miss you, you just posted at the same time as me!

Thanks for the love!

Shana said...

I HATE anonymous trolls. If you're going to bring the nasty, at least have the guts to leave a NAME.

I'm sorry you had such cruelty invade your webspace, CeCe.

debambam said...

some people are bastards, with nothing better to do than bring other people down because thats easier than bringing themselves up.

Hope you accept this late flowing of love...I had my dad over...but i'm still alive!

Fidget said...

Cece, i'm sorry someone was a jerk off! A few months back some random asshat took the time to write me an email using a cloaked email address. It was seething with hate and evil. They told me that it is my fault that my daughter is autistic and that all my kids should be taken away from me or some such nonsense. It ate up my insides for a few days... I use comment moderation - anyoen can comment but i have to approve them (this was due to another psycho who had such stunning revelations like "Did you know Fidget isnt even her REAL NAME?" yep moronic).. i still get the wacko comments and i publish most everything unless i feel like it will cause too much turmoil. I'm not about to allow someone to drive my readers away. (((hugs))

sally said...

What a moronic turd. From the way that comment was written it sounds like anonymous has been hit too many times in the head.

Sarah said...

I agree with daisy... someone didn't go to elementary school to learn basic grammar. ;)

Thanks for not stopping me from commenting even though I use lj! If it ever comes to that though, I can comment with my fake blogger address.