Tuesday, August 22, 2006

By Popular Demand: Snakes with a mutha freakin' Sabre!


maidink said...

The cat is licking its chops! Was there another snake?! Did it eat it?!

I hate snakes.

I hate snakes indeed.

I hate them on a train.

I hate them on a muthf**kin plane


That's the best Dr Seuss in me for now.

CeCe said...

No, she never hurts the snakes. But I LOVE this shot!

Kim said...

Great picture!!! Aren't cats fun when they bring you presents:o)

Erin said...

She looks like she wants to eat it, though. Must be out of love that she abstains. Neat picture, even though snakes freak me out. Any snakes. I agree with Maidink. *shudder*