Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More To Come...

I'm back from camping and had an AWESOME time! (more to come)

I kicked my dad out of the house today! (more to come)

And, geez guys, didn't you realize I was away?!? I mean, really, you all could have been a little more considerate and STOPPED POSTING while I was gone, so that I didn't have to take TWO hours to read 100+ updated posts!?!

Oh, and my almost perfect husband has informed me that he's not going to "rush" into buying that TV, and that he is planning on waiting until a good deal around Christmas or Boxing Day. (Boxing day is the day after Christmas in Canada. It's mostly a day for pretend super deals on stuff stores didn't sell at Christmas.)

And, because I just spent way too much time reading all YOUR stuff, I'm way to tired to write more, so I'm off to shower for the first time in three days and then, hopefully the movie my husband and his little brother are watching IN MY BEDROOM will be over and I'll be able to go crash.


Kim said...

Hope that movie finished quickly and you were able to get some sleep. Looking forward to all your "more to come posts"

Cherrypie said...

Your perfect husband just keeps getting better. Tell us he didn't know how to put a tent up, even if you have to make it up, to make us lesser mortals feel better x

Evan said...

Whoops, next time I'll remember not to post!!! Great excuse for me.

Fidget said...

d'oh note to self remember not to post!

Nice move with the self control on DH's part... of course now he'll expect the same out of you next time you want a big ticket item!

CeCe said...

Kim~I was able to get to sleep pretty quickly afterwards, thanks.

Cherrypie~ha ha, well it took TWO of us to put it up, and I was the one directing most of the time!

Evan~Thank you, I'll be counting on you!

Fidget~We're "discussing" a front loading washer and dryer set currently, actually!