Wednesday, July 26, 2006

People SUCK! part deux

Blogs are personal diaries.

Blogs are personal thoughts.

Blogs are personal stories.

Work takes up a huge part of many peoples' lives, therefore, they might be inclined to write about work.

Family and friends are all part of peoples' lives too. These are the things that happen that make us US. And these blogs are all a part of us.

So, to Wade and Mr. Fab, I feel like you've been done wrong. But please don't stop writing. Please start a new blog and only invite your friends. Like I did. Family and co-workers are not allowed!

Or do whatever you want, 'cause really... Who am I?


Erin said...

Amen. It seems so unfair. Poor Mr. Fab. I don't know Wade, did he get fired too?

I don't tell anyone I'm friends with in real life about my blog, because, quite frankly, PEOPLE SUCK and I'm afraid something like this would happen to me!

CeCe said...

Wade had problems with family and people he knew reading and leaving nasty comments.

debambam said...

Oh this world just plain sucks...I think that it's possible to do it without people knowing though, you can be what and who you want on the net, so heres hoping they spring back.

maidink said...

It blows, but it's reality.

Here in the states, anyone working in an at-will state (which is most of them) can be fired at anytime without cause or justification. To avoid lawsuits for wrongful dismissal, employers will almost always give a reason. That, and they MUST give a reason to their respective state for unemployment filing purposes.

Blogging is the newest in justifiable reasons for termination.

And that's why I no longer blog in work. Comment, yes; blog, no. And even commenting might stop.

Earl said...

thanks for your concern by the way dear cece!

Also, I have a contest going on my blog that anyone can enter.
I expect you to enter Dear.