Saturday, July 22, 2006

I cleaned my car out today.

This is all of the stuff that I removed from my car that WASN'T garbage. Need help figuring out what's in there?

1 Ikea toy
2 paint stir sticks
2 sippy cups
1 Tickle me Elmo Suprise
3 too small diapers
1 bottle
5 bottle cap thingys
1 pair of scissors
1 can of powdered formula
2 empty water bottles
2 baby sweaters
1 VERY warm woolen coat
2 pairs of baby shoes
1 baby blanket
1 bath towel
1 set of keys for Cherry to play with
AND A BUNCH of other stuff.

So, now that my car is clean.... who's gonna clean my house?!?


geo said...

Good heavens! How were you able to drive let alone have passengers?

Reminds me of my car.

I recently chucked out random objects until it was all clean and purty.

It's already back to being trashed again.


Maidink said...

That wasn't Geo! He was signed on my PC!

Oh for pete's sake, we need a system worked out in this house.

*quickly starts labelling objects "his" and "hers"*

CeCe said...

Geo/Maidink~Well, the passenger seat was SORT of clean.. but really, there was no room for passengers in the back at all. Most of the stuff was in the back seat and in the hatchback. It'll only stay clean until Monday, when we go on our next road trip.

Cherrypie said...

Your petrol consumption will improve now. My car is a shed. My friend jokes that I have chicken wrapper footmats as there's usually the remains of something grabbed from the hot deli counter floating somewhere about.

Evan said...

WHAT, you mean I have to clean this place??? I always thought things magically put themselves away!!!! ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

Cleaning the the house...nope, doesn't sound familiar...

Kim said...

Usually when I clean out my truck, the house gets neglected. Then I clean the house and the lawn gets taller. I think it is a vicious circle:o)

Tricia said...

I saw the before was spectacular! (hehe)

I just got my car detailed, and it looks like new (work paid for that!) Other times it looks a bit like yours, minus the baby stuff!

K. said...

Wow. That is A LOT of stuff.

sally said...

Are you sure Chrry isn't somewhere in all of that stuff?

Evan said...

I just got a new car. I now where plastic bags over my shoes- and am source\ing where to but 'new car smell' fragrance to prolong the experience!!

Pamela said...

We take bags of stuff out of our suburban when we clean it out.

I once lost a child in there for two weeks.

CeCe said...

Hee hee..

debambam said...

You better go back and check again, you are missing "a partridge in a pear tree!"