Thursday, June 01, 2006


Good news: They REALLY loved the house.

Bad news: Not enough to make an offer. They thought the floor was too wonky. It's an old house, the floor is wonky. Can't do too much about it.

Good news: I asked for a cheese burger, Armondo dropped everything and is now making it.

Good news: For the first time in... well, for ever... Armondo and I are going out on a real date. Dinner and a movie! X-men 3, of course! Tomorrow night, the awesome LB is looking after Cherry for free, and we get to go out and do adult stuff! I'm very excited, let's hope I'm not sick.

Cherry Update:

SHE'S WALKING EVERYONE!! That's right, the child WALKS!

Also, she's really smart. I say "Where's your ball?" and she grabs it. "Where's your fish?" and she grabs it. "Where's your juice?" and she grabs it.

"Duck", "dog", "dada", "cat", "hi", and possibly "mama", "what's that", and "fishy" are in her vocabulary.

She's clapping her hands now too, which seemed to take a while for her to get the hang of.

And her top front teeth? They have a big gap, just like her mama!
Bathtime fun


Candice said...

Yay a walkin talkin baby! Shes so cute.

Melora said...

Go Cherry! Next comes scaling the bookshelves and kitchen cabinets. That tub picture is just too darling!!
Sorry about your non-buyers. We've had a bunch of people who told us they loved the house, told us where various items of their furnishings would go in our house, and then never made an offer. Dopes. We haven't heard from yesterday's people yet, but I'm still hoping. It was raining when they came, and Ed needed me to stay to answer some of their questions, so the kids were in the house when we were showing it, and, after the first 15 minutes, they were very rowdy. At one point, T. came racing over to tell us that K. had "ruined the septic!" She had chosen that moment to drop some paper clips down the shower drain. If we get an offer, it will be a minor miracle.

Joyce said...

A date...
I'm drooling. ENJOY!

Maidink said...

Ooooo, dinner and X-Men III. Sounds like a fab combo.

Walking? Oy! They grow up so fast.

And don't worry about the house. Maybe y'all not selling is a good thing right now. Who knows.

debambam said...

Bugger on the house, but YAY on the walking! Although I have a friend who cracked me up the day she said "We spend the first two years busting for them to walk and talk, and the rest of our lives telling them to sit down and shut up!" This still makes me laugh...i'm easily amused...

Evan said...

You think they may have been told that you were going off the market- thus receptive to lowering your price?
Time to clear out everything in the place, gappy tooth Cherry on the prowl!

Kim said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out for your house.

I hope you had fun on your date.

You had better put everything up high, Cherry is on the move:o)

Tricia said...

Today she's walking, tommorow she's running!

I hope you had a good date with your man! It must be nice to have a free, reliable babysitter that you trust!

CeCe said...

Candice~Thanks! You should try having one yourself!

Melora~Ha ha, gotta love kids! It must have been hard not to give them little whacks on the butt for their perfect timing!

Joyce~Thanks! I did!

Maidink~It was a good combo! And yeah, it's probably part of the bigger plan for us to not sell right now.

Debambam~Ain't that the truth!

Evan~Well, they didn't bother coming forward with any offer, so no, I guess they either didn't know, or didn't care. We wouldn't have budged too much anyway.

Kim~Yeah, we've been working on that childproofing for awhile now!

Tricia~Well, she's not free all the time, but yes, she's great! It'll be pretty cool when you come back here and I'll have TWO good, reliable, free babysitters!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Love the adorable pics!

Belinda said...

That bath picture...oh, she's gonna getcha for that. ;-)