Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Date.

Oh, it was nice! Just the hubby and I, munching on yummy food at one of our favourite restaurants, then going to watch a movie that's part of my favourite comic book empire.

It was weird though. I really got into the movie, and there was more than once where, for half a second I thought to myself "Turn the movie down, you'll wake the baby!" It freaked me out that I would think such a thing! I mean, that's weird, right?

L.B. is totally awesome for looking after Cherry so we could go out. She's a great friend. She's great for other reasons too, but especially awesome for watching the kid for FREE! Everyone needs a friend like L.B.


Ok, so the other day, my old TV/Film acting instructor came into the hardware store and came through my till, and I'm all "Hey, I saw you on 'The L Word' playing a waiter. Have you had any good roles lately?" And he says "Um, well.. have you seen 'The Fog'?" And, of course, I haven't, 'cause I don't watch scary movies anymore....

Anyway, stupid, modest prick, is


Um, hello?!? Yeah, maybe that'd be a good role you could have mentioned, silly!

And on a similar note, the bald kid that's in the movie, you know, the IMPORTANT kid... well, he's played by Cameron Bright, and that kid lives in my town. He's a big star!

And the movie was filmed in several locations, two of which were REALLY close to where I live. And no, I didn't know about the extras' call until the day of, and I was either pregnant or had a newborn at the time, so I didn't get to be in it, but I KNOW people who were. Does that make me cool?!?


Ok, so we watched X-Men 3 last night, and if you haven't seen it, then STOP READING HERE! TOTAL SPOILERS AHEAD!!! GO AWAY, STOP READING NOW!!



(Are you gone yet?)

Ok, so for those of you who have already seen it, I want some discussion here!

1.) Is this it? Is this the last movie in the series?
I think it must be, I mean, three movies is tidy. Anymore, and it can get messy, boring and lame. And really, I mean, can you REALLY make another movie without all of those major characters? And is Prof X just going to have the same VOICE, but a different body (if you didn't watch the scene after the credits, then you've missed out.)

2.)Do you remember the comic or the cartoon? Rouge was one of the most powerful X-Men. Maybe not as powerful as Jean/ Phoenix, but probably at least a "Class 4". It seems lame that she would just "cure" herself before she realized her full mutant potential (flying, etc.). Of course, it could very well be that the "cure" doesn't last forever (as hinted by Magneto moving the chess piece) and she could get her powers back, and figure out her other ones. And now that that "cure" kid is at the school, if she WAS to get her power back, she could just hook up with him, 'cause she wouldn't harm him. Either that, or he'd just have to hang around her and Bobby as they got it on! Oh, and yeah, if Rogue can wear gloves and not harm someone, then, couldn't she just figure out some sort of "dental dam" sort of thing to kiss Bobby with?

3.) What was WITH that dude who grew horns under his skin and could just rapid fire them all over the place?!?! Don't you think that was a little crazy, and perhaps a little unrealistic!?!?
(There I go again, thinking about how the TEETH on the talking turkeys is what is unrealistic!)

Anyway, I'd love your input! Esp. since all of you who have seen it, have been TOO CHICKEN to let any spoilers out! I've done it for you, now, we can talk about it!


Mr. Fabulous said...

Sorry, haven't seen the movie.

Glad you guys had a nice night out, though!

Tricia said...

You are SUCH an X-men GEEK!

hehe...glad you had a good night out!

Evan said...

I now have to put your blog reference in lights here on mine. Hey, I have ideas, a hall of fame- star on the sidewalk thing!!!
How cool is you, I love that six degrees of separation thing with films. Lex luthors house is just down the road from my street in the new movie- when you see it, look for me across the river waving like an idiot!

Cherrypie said...

I haven't seen X-Men ( jack went lsat week and loved it) but I did see the Da Vinci Code the other night and knew 3 of the extras in that - can I be in your gang please?

Kim said...

I'm glad you all had a good date. I haven't seen X-men 3 yet, but probably will wait until it is out on DVD. I never make it to the theaters anymore.

How cool to know an actor, or a couple of them. I don't know anyone in movies. Although my great uncle was Jason Evers (he played in some older movies, even a John Wayne war movie).

Erin said...

I want to go see it, but we haven't gone to see a movie in at least 9 months at the theater together. For some reason, it just never happens. I'm glad you had a good date!

Melora said...

Sounds like a fun date! I don't know anything about X-men, but the Wall Street Journal gave this latest movie a good review, and I've been thinking we might enjoy it. Do you think it would be too much for T.?

CeCe said...

Mr. Fab~ You SHOULD go see the movie! And yeah, it WAS a nice night!

Tricia~Hee hee, I know I'm a geek!

Evan~Ha ha, I'll be looking for you for sure! That'll be the next movie we see in the theatre for sure!

Cherrypie~Well, it's not like it a "gang", but yeah, you can be included! Do you ever do "extra" work?

Kim~Well, I'm not RELATED to any actors! That's cool! Did you know him?

Erin~Well, get off your tush and go see it!

Melora~Of course you know your kid best, but the movie only has a PG rating, it's not TOO bad. The violence is so "comic book" or "video game" that it probably wouldn't be a problem.

Maidink said...

Okay, my geek gloves are off!

Yes, I am convinced Prof X will be a powerful telepathic link "spirit" if there is another movie. You can't just off Prof X and be done with it. This is Marvel Comics for goodness sakes.

Rogue was a bit of a puzzle. But, seeing how Magneto was able to make the chess piece quiver gives me hope her powers will return. As for Bobby, i think he's a wuss and she can do better. And doesn't she have a thing with Gambit??

Also, He is one of my faves and he didn't make the cut in any of the films. That's such crap because he is a major figure.

I looked up horn thrower via Wikipedia. There is a character nameed Thornn, but he has nothing to do with X-Men or X-Force. So, yes, he was another puzzle.

And as for bald boy, Leech, I never knew there was a character. Again, I had to look him up in Wikipedia. In the comics, he actually looks like a green leech (ewww).

I had a BIG problem with both Jean and Scott dying. That's BS!!!! They have a kid in an alternate future. What about that? And Jean goes on to lead the school. And Cyclops has an affair with the White Queen and takes her as his lover after Jean "dies" for like the third time. When I saw the grave markers in the movie, I blurted out, "That's Horse puckey!" Gotta a few stares on that one.

And no, you're still not cool. ;)

Kristina said...

I loved X-men 3. The entire trilogy was awesome and I agree about Rogue. BTW-how did you know about the scene at the end of the credits? One of the movie attendants told me about it. I wonder how many people actually know about it.

I'm sorry I haven't been to your blog lately...been a bad blog friend.

CeCe said...

Maidink~Yeah, I love Gambit, and would have loved to have seen him in one of the movies! "Mon Cherie!" He's so dreamy! :P And I didn't know about Jean and Cyclops' kid. It's weird how the movies really mess with the story line. They really messed with Spiderman too. But I guess if Stan Lee is alright with it, then I'm not really one to argue! But I DO love the movies, even if they are a little screwy!

Kristina~I think I knew about the scene at the end because I read it on Maidink's blog... I think... or someone else's.. regardless, I knew.. and there are so many movies that do that these days that it's worth it to stay anyway. (Usually it's just bloobers, but they're pretty funny!)

Sarah said...

You remember Wendy Keck? Ice Man is her cousin.