Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You know you're CeCe when..

You know you're sexy when your three favourite and best fitting bras were purchased from Wal Mart and had pictures of Star Jones on the labels.

You know you're a circus freak when you can just clap your hands and catch and kill two flies in one try mid air.

You know you're lazy when your most favourite activity ever on a sunny, warm, spring morning is sleeping.

You know you're a wuss when you start crying after your husband rips the wax strip off of your upper lip and you refuse to let him do it again, even though most of the hair is still there. (and not to mention, run away while crying saying "no, I CAN'T do it again!"

You know you're a little insane when you're watching a commercial with talking, drawing, costume wearing animated turkeys, and the thing you point out as being ludicrous is the fact that the turkeys have teeth.

You know you've been made up of left over parts when you sneeze everytime you pluck your eyebrows.

You know you take your cashiering job a little too seriously when you catch yourself putting your hand on your heart and telling the new girls at work that "Counting back change properly is a very important part of a job as a cashier."


Tricia said...

hehe you're a wuss! (I've heard that hormones affect how we experience pain, so blame it on the pregnancy.)
I just tried some new bikini wax, on myself, by myself - it worked great! (definitely not a wuss!)

...and Star Jones has a bra line?? what?!? didn't she just have a breast lift?

Joyce said...

well, I'm ticked because last year in a flash of being good to myself I dropped about a hundred bucks at la senza on three bras. On all 3,half of my left breast keeps flopping out---- so not sexy.
I really like the hand on the heart bit!

CeCe said...

Tricia~Do you remember the FIRST time I got my bikini waxed? The time YOU took me to Qualicum and I screamed so loud that whoever was waiting in the waiting room took off? Remember that? Yeah, so my SECOND time, Armondo was helping me, and I hit him and yelled "You don't know how this FEELS!!" The third time, was for my honeymoon, and it HURT, but I was pretty good. And that was my LAST time! EVER. period.

Joyce~Bra buying is tough sometimes! Esp. since everyone seems to have one boob bigger than the other!

Tricia said...

yeah, I remember, and I was thinking about that when I commented...wuss!

PS. Mine are very slightly uneven, but not really different sizes (but they used to be - my weight changed, and so did my boobs - lol)

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOL I can just picture you there training new cashiers with this gravely serious look on your face...

Maidink said...

The turkeys had TEETH?

Wow. Man, that's messed up. That'd bother me, too. Gnawing turkeys.

Eve said...

You are one of a kind, Cece!

Laurie said...

Of course you're sleepy, it goes with the territory :-)

Cherrypie said...

You know you've got a solid marriage when your husband knows your top lip isn't always that smooth. x

Evan said...

I'd like to see the look on the new cashier's face when you instructed from on high...priceless

Christie said...

lmao love this post

CeCe said...

Tricia~I will be nice and not comment as to the reason why it would be impossible for your breasts to be ... ok, I'm stopping now.

Mr. Fab~Yeah, they must think I'm pretty weird.

Maidink~ACK!! GNAWING?!? oh geez, now we're all in trouble!

Eve~Hey, I had a dream about you the other night. I came to your town to hang out with you, but you were working, so I just hung out at your house alone. I felt pretty stupid.

Laurie~Thank you! Ha.. Validation! Last pregnancy I was tired and pukey, this time, just tired.

Cherrypie~ More like: (said to Armondo)"You know you have a solid marriage when your wife accepts the carpet you have growing on your back".

Evan~Yeah, I'm pretty sure they'll never take the job as seriously as me!

Christie~Thanks! Nice to see you.

debambam said...

"You know you've been made up of left over parts when you sneeze everytime you pluck your eyebrows"

Oh lmao girly, i've missed ya!! Glad i'm back on track, back on line, and back visiting my fav bloggers....please forgive my absence, all is explained in my post :)

Sarah said...

You know you're sexy when your three favourite and best fitting bras were purchased from Wal Mart. YES!!! I am YOU! I had actually planned to go to Wal-Mart today to go bra shopping because my boobs shrunk.

Sarah said...

I really like the name Charlotte. If I ever have a girl, I want to name her that.

Sarah said...

Sorry - I posted that comment on the wrong post!