Thursday, May 11, 2006

About pregnancy, baby naming, work choices, flying kites, dead rats, photos and a cat in a crib.


Warning! Slightly graphic content here.

So, I'm still not sick. With Cherry, I was sick for the first FIVE months. And I mean, REALLY sick. Every day sick. Buy REALLY expensive medication sick. Not able to get out of bed in the morning sick. But having to get out of bed anyway, because puking in a bowl isn't very nice.

I never puked at work though. I only worked three nights a week at the restaurant, and was usually ok by nighttime. One time I ALMOST threw up there, but was able to get off easy with just a little wretch.

So, needless to say, I'm pretty happy about not being sick this time. I have felt a *tiny* bit nauseous when my stomach has been completely empty, but besides that, I'm pretty good.


We've been going through baby names lately. We haven't gone through ALL of the letters yet, but so far, this is what we've got:

(girl) ABIGAIL ("Abby" is just too cute!)
(girl) ANNABELL(e)(a) (I really like this one, but it's probably a "no" because our dog's name is Annie.)
(boy) CALEB (I've loved this name for EVER.. well ever since I used to watch American Gothic the TV show.)
(girl) FARREN (Armondo is really warming up to this one.)
(girl) GWENDOLYN (This one is in my top three for sure!)
(boy) ISAIAH
(girl) ISABELL(E)(a) (This is a favourite, but probably a no-go, 'cause Armondo thinks I only like it 'cause Belinda's kid has some form of this name.)
(boy) THEODORE (I love the short forms of this name: Ted, Teddy, Tad.)
(boy) JO(h)NATHAN (I think if we named the kid this name, I'd call him "Nathan" for short, as opposed to "John")

We still have a bunch of letters to go through, and I'm up for suggestions, but the first name can NOT start with a "B" or an "H". Because our last name starts with an "O". I don't want my kid being called "B.O." or "HO".


Armondo might be getting another job on a fishing boat. We won't find out for a couple of weeks, but if he DOES get the job, he'll be gone for another month. I am NOT happy about this. I said to him: "I didn't think I was marrying a fisherman!" His response: "No, but you DID marry a cook, and I'll be COOKING on this boat."

It's tough. I miss him a LOT when he's gone, but the big money is such an attractive draw. And he feels like he has to "provide" for his family, and in his mind right now, this is the way to do it. Apparently, if he gets this particular job, he'd probably be able to get steady jobs on boats for as long as he wants. Weighing out the pros and cons here, just like I always did in high school:

Big money/I'll miss him lots.
He really ENJOYS the job./He might miss major baby milestones.
He'll get time off for WEEKS instead of days/I'll be pregnant and alone for weeks, and I get paranoid when I'm pregnant!


Armondo said or did something really funny at breakfast today, and I told him I was going to blog about it. But I can't remember it. At all. Sucky.


We went to the park with my buddies C+O today.
It was Armondo, Me, Cherry, Jacy, Annie, O (5 year old), his mom C, and Baby G.
O. brought his kite, and at one point, Armondo got it flying pretty good, and handed it over to O. After O. had flown it for a little while, I said "Whoa, O. you're a PRO!!"
"Yeah!" He says. "I'm a pro! 'Pro' means 'Good kite flyer!' "

Later, as C. took O. to the bathroom, Armondo was holding onto the kite, making it do tricks and stuff, and he accidently let it dive bomb into the playground almost taking a kid out with it.

When O. got back from the bathroom, he started asking Armondo why the string was in so many knots and what had happened, so Armondo started explaining how he had it dive bombing here and there and he lost control.

O. replies: "I don't want to HEAR about any more of this 'DIVE BOMB' business!!!'


My other rat died. Armondo was here to deal with it this time. I was less than impressed with dealing with it last time. Rats are really good pets, but they just aren't made to last long! No more pocket pets for awhile. Not until the kids start asking for them.


Pictures? You want pictures? I've been forgetting to post pictures lately, haven't I? It's the stupid Flickr thing. You get so darned lazy when you put them there, 'cause you just think to yourself "They can just click on that thing if they want to see pictures".. but REALLY... how
many people ACTUALLY click on those things?

Armondo found this frog when he was cutting the lawn. Pretty cute, eh?

And this is Cherry making her pug face, or her "I'm done" face.


Cherry goes to bed every night at 7pm, unless we've messed up the schedule due to company or shopping trips or whatever. Tonight, we put her down to bed at 7 as usual, but she just kept on babbling and talking to herself until, finally at 8pm, she started sounding upset. I figured she had lost her soother, so I popped into her room to find it for her when I found the problem.

Ozzy was in her crib. Cherry had been babbling and talking to OZZY for an hour! No WONDER, she wasn't sleeping! She had finally got too tired to deal with the cat, so she started crying (I assume) so I would come in and take the cat out! So, I did, and I grabbed her soother off of the floor, and now, 15 min later, not a sound to be heard!

One day, Armondo will learn to check for cats before he leaves her room!


Belinda said...

Best. Baby. Picture. EVER.

andrea said...

LOVE that photo.
We had such trouble naming our first that we decided to stop the minute we agreed on a name for the second. Took out the baby book and chose ... Adam. I guess it could have been easier (Aaron).

Erin said...

Baby Cherry has a mowhawk! Cute. Sorry your rat died. I'm glad you're feeling well this time around so far. Guess that's it. Oh, yeah, I like the name Abigail. And I had a good friend (and all around great guy) named Caleb. Good names.

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee. i LOVE that baby picture!! ellure

Evan said...

Theodore gets shortened to Theo here in Oz, a cool name. Also cool is Caleb, it's my bro's son's name!!. Go on all the girls name's they are great, infact have nine or ten kids and you can have em all!...we will never get to know what you call it is the down side of all this!

debambam said...

WTG on not being sick...what you need to help you choose a name is my dad. He will find ANY horrible yucky nickname that the school yard bullies will make out of it. Worked for my sister, well except for her middle one. He kept one up his sleeve. Her name is Emma, and he tells people her middle name is Roid. Say it all together out loud. He's a sick man my father....
p.s For whats it worth I know of a song 'charlotte the harlot', and I've never heard of Farren, I ould have picked it as a boys name!! OH and my sisters child is 'Caleb' so I vote for that one cos he's bloody adorable!

Mr. Fabulous said...

That baby picture is awesome!

As a fellow American Gothic devotee, I vote for Caleb. If I get a vote...

Maidink said...

Love the photo. Did you hose her down after the shutter snapped?

I vote for Abigail for a girl and, if these are your only options, Caleb for a boy.

If we (geo and I) ever have another, it's either Jakob or Abigail.

I would not recommend Jakob for you.

Sorry about the rat.


Joyce said...

I love Annabell,Charlotte and Farren, but I must tell you that if you were sick with Cherry, and not now then I suspect we are cooking a wee boy!

Tricia said...

Cats are so sneaky!

BTW, you know that my dad was a commercial fisher, and when he went away (for months sometimes) we always had SO much fun colouring banners and stuff to put up for when he came home
'welcome home dad!'
he did stop going away after a while, but it always seems to be the best money to go away from home...hard decision...

Cherrypie said...

I'm with Joyce on the boy/ sick thing.

CeCe said...

Belinda~Yeah, it IS good, isn't it?

Andrea~That's pretty funny about the names! We already have favourites, but now we're EXPANDING more..

Erin~That's Armondo's doing-the fauxhawk. He does it all the time! Yeah, I think Abigail and Caleb are at the top for sure!

Ellure~Me too! It's a framer!

Evan~I *might* post the name just for a day or something, but then erase it.. I haven't decided.

Debambam~Well MY dad tried to choose a name that didn't have any bad nicknames for it, but he didn't spell it backwards! Backwards it's Alenec.. which isn't so bad, but in grade 12, it turned into ANAL Lick!
But now, my dad calls me Mutley. Has nothing to do with "Celena", he just decided to give me a mean name.

Mr.Fab~It's not American Idol. Not every vote counts, but THANK YOU for your input!

Maidink~Straight into the tub! Ohh.. would you get MAD if we used Jakob?!? 'Cause I kind of like that name ;) And are there plans for more?

Joyce~Armondo hopes you're right!

Tricia~Ok, so the REAL question is, do you think that you missed out on Daddy time because he was away? Or did it make the time that he was home better?

Cherrypie~Seems like a reasonable prediction!

Sarah said...

I really like the name Charlotte. If I ever have a girl, I want to name her that.

Tricia said...

I don't really remember him (my dad) being away, just him coming home, because it was such a big event, and when he was home, he was there all day, every day, so I totally remember him being there, and I don't remember him being away.

When I think back, I can recognize a couple of memories from when he wasn't home, like when we got rides from grandma and grandpa to get groceries etc, but I only realize that he had to have been away because that is the only reason that we would have to get a ride into town (my mom didn't drive then)

I know it was hard on my mom, especially because she couldn't drive, and she was isolated with 2, then 3, then 4 kids at home. Then she learned to drive, and not long after that, we moved and my dad started being able to come home every night. I don't have bad memories of my dad being away, but I guess if it continued into my tween or teen years it could have been different.

CeCe said...

Sarah~Yeah, it's pretty.

Tricia~Thank you.

Anonymous said...

happy mothers day!!