Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May long, house update, Cherry update, and CeCe has some thoughts on evolution.

This past week has been pretty nice. I've had so much time off lately, and I have really enjoyed it.

I had the whole May long weekend off! I haven't had a long weekend off since I was fifteen! (and I only had the weekend off when I was fifteen because I got kicked out of my house and moved two towns away and wasn't ABLE to go to work that weekend.)

On Saturday we just lazed around, and on Sunday we went down to Victoria to go visit with one of the good SILs. We did some shopping and went and checked out some cool highschool marching bands that were performing in front of the parliament buildings. I forgot my camera at home. :(

On Monday, we were again lazy, but did do a short shopping trip in our own town.

I've also been really sick this whole time. Which sucks. And I have these gross little red spots all over my face from blood vessels bursting when I puked.



It's almost the end of the month, and we've decided that if the house doesn't sell in the next few days, we're going to take it off the market. Although I really do want to move, and I'm scared that we're going to lose out on some cool houses, I'd rather KNOW what's happening than keep on playing this stupid guessing game!

It has been suggested that we could lower our price to get a buyer, but the point of us selling was so that we could make a big enough profit so we could pay off some bad debts and get a cheaper, bigger house. If we lower our price, then there's not much point in selling at all.

So we're going to take it off the market, do some upgrades, and re-list next year sometime.

And, in the meantime, we're planning some changes for the kids' rooms!

We'll probably keep the nursery the same, but update the paint. Cherry's getting a new room soon though, probably around her birthday. She's going to go into the middle sized room, which we just moved out of. We already have a bit of a "hibiscus" theme going on in there, but the paint is hideous. We're going to paint it a light pink, and do the ceilings white. We've picked out a junior bed from Toys R Us, and some bedding from Walmart. I can't wait to get it all pulled together, but we're going to wait until we have a little more cash.


I was getting a little upset a couple of weeks back that I just wasn't home enough to really hang out with my family. I was upset that I wasn't really connecting with Cherry as much as I would like to, and about the fact that I really didn't have anything to say about her here, but had lots to write about work.

Now that I'm working 3 and a half days and I'm home 3 and a half days, I really feel like I've been able to get more involved again.

So, here are some updates on Cherry:

~She now has four teeth.
~She always splashes a lot in the tub and throws all of her bath toys, full of water, onto the bathroom floor.
~She purposely throws her bottle and soother out of her crib just so that I'll bend over and grab them again for her.
~Along the same lines as above, when ever she's done with something, she'll just totally huck it across the room.
~She's super strong! When she grabs onto anything, you can just let her go and she'll hang there, holding her own weight. It's pretty funny!
~She seems to like to knock things out of my hands. Tonight she gobbled her whole bottle down during story time, so I went and got her some more formula, and as I was pouring the warm formula from the cup into the bottle, she reached out from the crib and knocked the cup almost right out of my hand, causing me to spill a bunch of milk.
~She loves to make people laugh. Her funny things to do are her "pug face" and making raspberry noises.
~She's taking a couple of steps at a time, but isn't quite walking.
~She says "dog", "hi", and "dadda". She used to say "duck", but has seemed to have lost this word.
~She loves to feed the dogs. She'll take bites of her food, then hold her food out to the side of her high chair in order to drop it for the dogs. If the dogs aren't there, she'll say "Dog?" and look around. It isn't very often that the dogs aren't there, 'cause they KNOW she's going to feed them!
~She loves to pull my hair. HARD. And she laughs.
~She yanks on Armondo's ears and uses them as handles when she rides on his shoulders.
~She's a big fan of Peek a Boo and sneezes.
~She rocks back and forth in the stroller to try to make it go faster.
~She "roars".
~She likes lasagne.
~She's shying away from mushed food.
~She's drinking from sippy cups pretty well.
~She cuddles up to the cats, and is slowly starting to become cuddly with us again.
~She LOVES going out, 'cause everyone always pays attention to her and tells her how cute she is. She smiles at everyone and makes faces to make them laugh.


I wasn't raised in a Christian household, so I missed out on learning a lot of bible stories. I became a Christian when I was 15, but I haven't really read a lot of the bible. Esp not much of the old testament. A few months ago, I bought a bible for kids that has all the bible stories condensed and told in a format that kids can understand. I read Cherry quite a few of the stories, but have since put the book down for a future time.

In the story of Adam and Eve, it talks about God punishing Eve and all women for her sin by making child birth painful.

That was something I had never read or heard before, but it brought me back to what I was thinking/saying when I was in labour with Cherry.

I was saying something to the effect of : If evolution is supposed to be about "survival of the fittest" and evolving to make things easier, and if we apparently evolved from being on all fours, to standing upright... then why is it that childbirth is so much more painful and difficult for humans than apes, if humans are supposed to be more "evolved"? Why is it that humans have more difficulty than most other mammals? Well, it must be due to the fact that we were CREATED. Hmmm?

Argue with me if you want, but it just makes sense to me!

And that is all for tonight.


Erin said...

Victoria is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever been - I'm so jealous that you live close enough to visit! I want to go back.

Does the fact that there is a good SIL mean that there's also an evil SIL? *grins, singing he Wicked Witch's song from the Wizard of Oz*

Sorry you've been sick, and I hope you feel tons better soon. I'm glad you're getting to spend more time with that sweet babe of yours.

Candice said...

shes growing up so fast! Sorry your sick so much. Because that just takes everything out of you through the day.

Earl said...

evolution is impossible according to my calculations.
The odds of your shoes evolving from cow skins without intervention is 1,000,000 times better than the odds of human evolution.
It's just math.

Kim said...

It is nice to get a weekend off. Mine don't come regularly, so I understand that feeling very well.

That's great that you get to spend more time with Cherry. My nieces seemed to learn new words at that age and forget the old ones. Not to worry, when they hit almost 4 you won't be able to get her to stop saying words and asking questions.

My nieces love their bibles and enjoy being told the stories. Yes, Eve's sin caused all of us women to have pain. Will agree that curse proves there is no evolution:o)

Tricia said...

long weekends are great!

and...I think that evolution and creation are compatible theories. It's too long to explain how they work together here though. My comment would be a 1000 word essay. haha.

Sarah said...

Did I ever tell you that MY first word was the F-word? Yeah, thanks dad. :)

I didn't know that humans have the hardest time giving birth. Hmm. Thanks for teaching me something new. Like the theory too.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know much about the Bible or any of that stuff.

I DO know that I love and appreciate the updates on Cherry!

Joyce said...

I like reading the Bible from the Message version- it just plain english.
I'm glad that humans adapt and came up with the wonder of the epidural....

Melora said...

I'm glad your schedule has changed to allow you time with Cherry. She sounds like such fun! I loved putting Katie's bedroom together -- she has a pink room, with a princess/castle mural on the wall, gauzy pink curtains, and one of those gauzy "tent" things over her (pink) bed. We just went all-out girly, and she really enjoys it!

I was also raised in a non-Christian home, although my parents did have a book of Bible stories around for "cultural literacy." It seems to me that, for adults as well as for children, differnt demoninations put their own emphasis and "spin" on the various books and stories in the Bible. There are so many diffent children's Bibles, and if you ever get the chance to browse through some in a book store, you could probably find one that you would be comfortable sharing with Cherry. I like Tomie dePaola's Book of Bible Stories, but I still don't spend much time on the O.T. with my kids. I like "God's Kingdom: Stories from the New Testament" by Geraldine McCaughrean for N.T. The kids really enjoy Veggie Tales videos, too!
I know what you mean about the frustration of trying to sell the house and "needing" a certain amount of money. We are in the same boat of not Having to sell if we can't get our price, but really wanting to move. The market here is just glutted, and most of the homes that are selling seem to be the ones that have been drastically reduced because the owners "have" to sell. We still have our signs out, but we don't even have an ad in the paper right now. Hope your buyer shows up today!

CeCe said...

Erin~It is a very beautiful place! I don't visit it often enough! And yes, I have at least one evil SIL. She's the wicked witch of the east.

Candice~Yeah, she's growing good! And yes, being sick is a drag!

Wade~Well, thank you for that!

Kim~I love that four year old phase! 4-6 year olds are probably my favourite!

Tricia~I believe in Micro Evolution, just not Macro Evolution. And I expect that essay in my inbox by Friday!

Sarah~We try REALLY hard not to swear in front of Cherry! I mean, I don't swear too often anyway, but I REALLY try not to in front of her.

Mr.Fab~Well, I'm glad I scratched one itch for you!

Joyce~HA! The Epidural! Funny, I'll have to write about that one soon. You're always good at giving me new topics!

Melora~We were thinking of a Castle theme, but opted to go with hibiscus instead, just because it's already started in there. Thanks for the list of books! I might have to check them out. The one I got was from a second hand book store. I seem to have a problem with paying full price for a book that's not already a well tested favourite!

debambam said...

i'd like to know HOW they know we have it harder than any other animal?? I mean did the apes TELL them? Have they asked a CAT???
Hope your feeling better soon.....WTG cherry on that big list of new stuff!!
Sorry I been a sucky reader, life sucks at the moment....